Sessions strikes back

SESSIONS pushes back.

— Josh Dawsey (@jdawsey1) August 23, 2018

Expect a crazy Trump tweet storm soon.
I actually expected the Pecker immunity news to put him over the edge, but this surely will.

Well… that looks like a life raft being thrown out.

Beat me to it! Quite the statement from ol Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the III.

I almost feel sorry for Sessions. He’s a terrible person implementing monsterous policies, but his job must suck. His boss loathes him, and entire opposition party hates him but doesn’t want him fired, and his entire party hates him as well, but knows what will happen if they fire him. It’s got to be a living hell.

At least he’s not illegal.

They are all terrible people: Trump, Sessions, DeVos, Zinke, Pruitt, Manafort, Cohen, Huckabee Sanders, Pecker, you name them- if they are associated with Trump or his administration, they are terrible. Literally can’t think of an exception.

BTW session is supposed to meet Trump today with kushner to talk about criminals sentencing reform…

Session never had control…he relinquish that power the moment he step foot into CoJ to “The Weasel”.

Should be lovely. And Kushner=tits on a bull.

I sure hope Trump picks up seats, so we can get a more aggressive AG… The dems run the AG office as pure politics… That’s why no one at the IRS was prosecuted. Why Hillary got off…

It’s almost like he was a swamp creature planted into the campaign… He’s doing a pretty good job on the borders. though…

Time to spiff up that resume, Jeffy.

Sessions is the one person in this administration that I respect. He does his job, does it well, and ignores all the attacks from the detractors.

Trump could actually learn a few things from Sessions if he paid attention.

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Did Sessions just send a public ■■■■■ you” to Trump? That’s hilarious.


Yep, Sessions knows the ■■■■ is going to hit the fan soon.

Funny how Session has become libs new hero after criticizing him for decades.

Name one “lib” here calling Sessions “a hero”.

Binary thinking seems to be a mainstay of the right.

I’m pretty sure the DOJ is involved in one or two things that don’t involve the Trump campaign and Russia.

Amazing how you still think that the DOJ is the COJ even though the Republicans have been running the DOJ for over 19 months.

Sessions is a creepy weirdo, and I don’t know a single “lib” who thinks he’s a hero.