Seriously, What is michelle *bama's Problem?

Her lousy, lazy incompetent husband was elected twice by the people of this country, making her first lady and she ended up leaving The White House as not only one of the most popular and admired people in the country, but the entire world.

And this:

It’s clear she not only hates America, but truly hates the American people.



She’s right. On both accounts.

If we answer here does that count as treating her as though she does actually exist?

I replied to help her out.

She’s never been right about anything her whole life.

She married well.

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It’s a shame hussein had to settle for her. He really wanted to marry that other girl, but his ambition landed him with michelle.

Compare the way the media treated her and the way it treats Melania. What a paranoid…racist…Michelle is.


She’s right. White liberals praised Michelle Obama while mocking Melania Trump for her accent in a pot meets kettle fashion. Did Bette Midler’s eastern or central European immigrant predecessors speak English without an accent?

Probably not, but that’s how many liberals really are. I feel as if I’m stuck in a large coffee lounge in a liberal majority state:

Oh, incidentally I pulled up Mrs. Trump’s speech. She speaks beautiful English.

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Did you read the context of what she said or just the partial quotes from Breitbart?

She’s right.

She’s always seemed to have an even bigger chip on her shoulder than her hubby (Remember her comment about his nomination being the 1st time she was ever proud of her country?).

Who knows why?? :man_shrugging:

Video or it never happened.

What about this over here?!

That’s nice.

MAGA is saying the same thing Michelle said

She needs to get out of being an attention hound and do something useless, like nominate someone else whose come out of the closet for a Courage Award.

Where’s “over here”?

What’s there?

Here are actual numbers on shootings involving police officers:

people will come up and pet my dogs, but will not look me in the eye. They don’t know it’s me,”

And be accused of sexual harrassment? Yah right.

She’d beat you in a game of hoops too.

She tells the Secret Service to hold back and that she wants to be treated like normal people. Well, I can tell you that normal people get cut in line on all the time, but you know what I do if it happend to me. I politely tell people that I was in line before them. Problem solved.

I don’t hold onto it for 4-10 years and come out blaming all people of that race for what happened and whine about racism.

And I think we all know that sometimes people might be lingering near a line trying to get their ■■■■ together while others who know what they want get right in there to get it. That’s probably a more accurate representation of what happened here, but michelle wants to be a victim, so let’s all make her a victim.

Poor, poor michelle.

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They are just trying to stay relevant.