SERIOUSLY? Ocasio-Cortez Says There’s No ‘UPPER MIDDLE CLASS’ in America

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Socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continued to raise eyebrows across the United States this week; baselessly suggesting that there was no “upper middle class” in America in 2018.

Cortez was speaking during a recent interview with ‘Pod Save America’ when she made her startling claim, saying ”This upper middle class doesn’t exist anymore in America.”

“For me, I think what’s happening is a lot of these folks were in their political heyday in Third Way, 90s politics, and they were campaigning and were really kind of connected most to an electorate when they were fighting for these seats […] when we had more of an American middle class,” she said. “I think that politically, this upper middle class is probably more moderate, but that upper middle class doesn’t exist anymore in America, and thanks to the continued deregulation of Wall Street, thanks to the continued gutting of working- and middle-class people, we need stronger champions.”