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While I was doing some research on citizens and driver’s license, I ran across this “right to travel” in the United States.

As a fundamental right inherent in American citizenship and the nature of the federal union, the right to travel in the United States is basic to American liberty. The right precedes the creation of the United States and appears in the Articles of Confederation. The U.S. Constitution and Supreme Court recognize and protect the right to interstate travel. The travel right entails privacy and free domestic movement without governmental abridgement.

In the era of surveillance, the imposition of official photo identification for travel, watchlist prescreening programs, and invasive airport scans and searches unreasonably burden the right to travel. They undermine citizen rights to travel and to privacy. These regulations impermissibly require citizens to relinquish one fundamental right of privacy in order to exercise another fundamental right of travel. The government must preserve these rights in addressing policy goals. The original conception of the right to travel embodies it as a broadly-based freedom that encompasses all modes of transport. Its explicit articulation in the Articles of Confederation became implicit in the Privileges and Immunities Clause of the Constitution. Contrary to the appellate “single mode doctrine,” abridgement of any mode of transportation undermines the constitutionally enshrined travel right. The U.S. Supreme Court needs to rearticulate an originally consistent and politically robust multi-modal right to travel.

"The Right To Travel And Privacy: Intersecting Fundamental Freedoms, 30" by Richard Sobel.

Question. Could limiting our mode of travel (to electric vehicle only) encroach on our “right to travel?”

What about limiting our right to travel during a pandemic?


Nope. Free domestic travel was enacted before there were even cars. And no one is saying that a EV can’t travel between states.

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Good post. Good Points. Only control freaks with secret agendas, would be so brash as to dictate how people power their cars.

We could all end up with exploding nuclear power plants in our cars…expoding lithium batteries—is just as bad.

Limiting our travel during the covid absurdity was just as devious.

People should all sing, “I won’t be fooled again.”


Can you provide the law please.

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There is this:

Freedom of movement under United States law - Wikipedia

As of the right to drive, there is no constitutional guarantee. But if some state wants to ban EVs then, by all means, open up that big ol’ can of worms.

If you are forced to buy an EV because ICEs are no longer sold, your ability to travel is restricted to the distance one could travel with a charged vehicle.


Yeah, so? You are under the same limit now: you are restricted to the distance of your gassed vehicle.

My guess is you believe that you may have stumbled onto a new and novel argument here.

You haven’t.

I’m not I can buy fuel in 50 US States and every Canadian province, I just have to be able to pay for it. If you want to charge an EV during a long distance trip and you run out of juice before finding a charging facility? You are ■■■■■■■
I’m not looking for a fictional argument either, these are simply facts.


The vaccine travel mandates were more appropriate.

Good post.

EV are fine. I just don’t want gov to sell and subsidize.

Gas is all American. EV is all China communist.


Rest easy, we’ll build more charging stations.

This argument is a dud.

There are court cases. No law?

Horses may come back in vogue.


Sure. Slower than EV’s with significantly shorter range.

That’ll show us!:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Horses don’t have a shorter range than EVs that cannot be charged due to government imposed restrictions or failing power grids.


But they are easier to fuel.


A healthy horse can travel 20-30 miles a day*. EV’s have ten times that range

*less, if you are pushing the horse

Uncharged/ unchargable EVs have less range than horses.


They also are fire hazards.

Horse is an emergency food source.


That need power to work.
Pass a law saying, “Your vehicle must be run by a perpetual motion machine. connecting to the grid we own”

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It’s strange where you chose to place your faith.

On one hand, you have no faith that we can generate power, despite the fact that we’ve been doing if for a century, but on the other hand, you have faith that Trump will be reinstalled, despite the fact that there is no way to do that.


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