Serena Williams's behaviour in the wake of her French Open defeat

Once again Serena Williams has shown her lack of class, grace and manners after a defeat in the French Open. Her petulance in not waiting for Dominic Thiem to finish his interview speaks for itself.

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This is how an activist for the Dumb Dem Dem(DDD) party acts.

Owe, and Liberal Hollywood loves her of course.

In 2016 she posted her support of Black Lives Matter.

I am referring to her performance and behaviour as a tennis player not her political bent.

If you want an example of appalling behaviour by a Republican, I will cite two: Donald Trump and Matt Gaetz.

I did find another article that was a little better from her perspective, but no doubt she gets what she wants.

“Put me in another room, smaller, but now,” she reportedly said, though other rooms were also occupied. The French newspaper wrote that Williams was ready to leave the media center, but event organizers wanted her to stay, and so it was decided to urge Thiem to vacate the press room, something Williams apparently said was "rude.“

Anger management. She needs to apologize for her incredible rudeness, then seek help from a good shrink. The girl has issues.

That’s what the video was for genius.
In the video she had a foot fault, and the lineswoman called it, and then Serena threatened to kill her.

Some people are incapable of maturing past “My side good, your side bad.”

She need not appologize for any of that. She is rich and can live out the rest of her life without being “PC” thats the way of it.

I am very aware of what happened. In my opinion S Williams should have received a ban from all Grand Slam events for 12 months at the very least after that incident.

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I definitely agree.

Congratulations to Ashleigh Barty on winning the French Open Women’s Singles. The first Aussie woman to win since the early 1970s when Goolagong and Court won.