September 11, NEVER Forget!


You talking about North Korea?


They are not allowed to trivialize it, which is what she did.


Lolololololol get the entire heck out of here with that crap… Back to ignoring your post… Good day sir


I understand and don’t blame you.


No, you previously said she isn’t allowed to comment on 9/11. Do you amend that to “trivialize”?


No. She needs to shut up about it and be grateful we gave her a home out of that ■■■■ hole she came from.

She could also be thankful for the 19 that died trying to clean up that ■■■■ hole.


Diminish? Again are there special words that one has to use when discussing 9/11? If i just says 9/11 is that enough or do i have to specify about the horror of it.

Does that apply to Pearl Harbor? Do the words “day that will leave infamy” have to be used all the time? At ehay point is it lip service?


Her full text …stop believing talk radio


So Somali-Americans cannot talk about 9/11 in your opinion?

Ok, thanks for sharing.


Do the words “some people did some thing” apply ever to Pearl Harbor? How about when spoken by a Japanese?


Sure, she can talk about it. She can start with, “I apoligize for what a bunch of terrorist ■■■■■■■■■■■ did in the name of my religion. Thank you for giving me a home. And thank you for sending your troops to keep my family from starving.”


It’s time to get over 9/11


Does every Christian apologize for people killing in the name of Christ


I was actually in Fairbanks, AK during the attack, working for the BLM at the time. 9/11 was supposed to be my very last day on the job; I had taken a 6-month temporary assignment in DC that was supposed to start about 2 weeks later.

The evening before, I had moved out of my apartment, which left me homeless for that last night, with plans to get on the road heading south in the afternoon of 9/11. My girlfriend and I drove to the top of some unnamed peak outside of town and slept int he back of my Pathfinder for the night. I woke in the morning to watch an amazing sunrise, putting and ear-to-ear grin on my face at the beauty of it all, and the new adventure I was about to begin… it was only a short while later that it all dawned on me. At the time I was watching the sun rise, it was the same time the first tower was hit. Of course, I did not realize this until I got to the office. Being a Fed agency, they shut the building down. I was allowed to go in to get what few belongings I had. That was the first moment I actually saw the attack. I walked in through the main entrance and passed a series of conference rooms on my way to my cubicle. Passing one of the doors, I saw some of the staff in there huddled around a TV as I passed by… I only caught a quick glance, but it stopped me dead in my tracks. At this point, both towers were still standing. I was told I had to quickly get my belongings and vacate the premises, so I did. Not having a place to go to, I went to the a friend of mine’s parents that lived nearby. Maybe 2-3 minutes after walking in and staying glued to the TV is when the first collapsed occurred. I’ll never forget that moment until the day I die… my blood just literally turned cold. I was absolutely consumed with anger, with sadness… there’s really only been one other time when I’ve been so overwhelmed with emotion.

A few years later, I was on a temporary assignment with the USFS. Another guy maybe 5-6 years younger was on assignment with me. We were in the car heading to a field site with one of the full-time resource managers who is maybe 20 year solder. Somehow we got on the topic of 9/11 and he asked how it affected us, coming form a younger generation than him. I relayed my experience to him, which actually set my life on a completely different unanticipated path (there’s a lot omitted here ;). When the other kid replied, he said it didn’t really change him… as in, no aspect of his life. I really had no words. Im not sure how you could experience such an awful attack on our own nation and somehow utter the words that it had no affect on you.


I’ve never killed in the same of Christ.


She never suicide bombed.


Not a single 9/11 attacker was from Somalia so I’m not sure where Sneaks is making the connection.


So…you don’t believe she has 1st Amendment rights, eh?


No she didn’t and I’m fine with that. But others did and she doesn’t get to trivialize that. Did she ever thank the Gothic Serpent team?

She wants to bring up 9/11 to complain about the treatment of Muslims after 9/11?


What a stupid post. Have you seen me once call for the government to do one ■■■■■■■ thing? No.

Does Trump have 1st Amendment rights?