September 11, NEVER Forget!


A Democrat not blaming Trump for everything!

Now I have seen everything! lol.


The guy grew up with a maid while he was making millions of dollars as a toddler. His dad’s money got lots of women into his bed. He’s not like hardly any the people that support him.


Actually, I consider myself to be an extremist moderate.


I don’t blame you.


Were Mouthy Bint Omar’s comments empathetic?


That’s an oxymoron Bob.


I was talking about Trump.

You can start another thread if you wish to change the topic.


Mouthy Bint Omar was talking about 9/11, which is this topic. Bob.


Omar’s empathy was the topic? OK.


Yes. Were her comments on 9/11 empathetic? If so towards whom?


Now I got the tallest building


So she’s no better than Trump?


They weren meant to be empathetic. There was nothing wrong with her statement. Not even a little bit. In context or out of it.

Referring to 9/11 in every speech using only permitted terms is silly (I am not saying you are doing that, I am talking about the Trumped up controversy)


She has no business referring to it at all.


That’s strange. Why?


Because it’s not hers to comment on.


Still strange. I’m guessing you have commented on the Holocaust.


Didn’t deny it nor diminish the horror of it while being part of the party that did it.


Two points:

  1. You said it’s not hers to comment on. Why do you feel that way?

  2. I don’t think her comment diminished it since that wasn’t the point of her comment. Her comment was about post-9-11 dangers for Muslim-Americans. As usual, a big ado about nothing.


Oh come on you know Muslims are not allowed to comment in 9/11 lol