September 11, NEVER Forget!


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Aren’t you stereotyping…and to think you cry when I do it lib.


This thread is about remembering 911. It is not a Trump bashing thread. Have some respect.


Thank you. What I always leave out of my memories of that day…was By noon I had such a killer headache that when I finally got home from a late meeting that day. I walked in the house. went straight into the bathroom and barfed my guts out. I then went to bed. No dinner, just sleep. The next morning I awoke. The sun came up and life went on. IT wasn’t the end of the world as I explained to my 6 year old, it was just another day that turned horribly bad as days sometimes do. But his job was to get up, go to school and not let the bad men win by scaring him from doing the things he wanted to and needed to do. If they scare you, they win I told him.

I said it is ok to be scared…but it is not ok to let the fear they caused to stop you from doing anything you want to do. He gave me a hug as I showed him the rising sun. and he got up got ready for school and we all began to move forward.


Here is a little story about small town in Canada that want above and beyond to help American when hundreds of flights were diverted Canada. 30 + landed in a small town population of just over 10,000 they want above and beyond to help.


I remember this story…Most of the flights were overseas flights right? They could not land in the US. so Canadian airports were forced for the time to take these flights in. The airport was so full of jets that they could barely move planes about.


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Yep all incoming international flights were landed in Canada total of 255.


Best of Humanity Indeed!!!


What is odd is I don’t remember much from that day except: I was working from home and had the news on. When the first tower was hit I remember thinking, OMG. I could see the newscasters trying their best to assimilate the information while keeping their own horror under control. When the second tower was hit and it was obvious we were under attack I just sat in stunned silence.

I heard about but did not see the people jumping. Too much to process.

I felt so helpless. I wanted to help someway, somehow.

I’m so proud of how our country came together in unity. I’m so proud of those brave men and women who risked their lives to save so many and lost their lives in the act of selflessness.

People may disagree on petty politics, but in the end we all love this country. And this country has a strong backbone that should never, ever be underestimated. :us:


Amen to that!!!


One of the stories that is just so hard to grasp, shortly after the first plane hit the tower, two fighter jets scrambled to intercept any other hijacked plane. As far as I know no desicison at the time was to shoot down a commercial airliner. But I constantly played what if in my mind. What a terrible moment to be placed in. For the star trek fans it was a real version of the kobayashi maru.


Horrible event that should have never happened, thousands of people lost their lives, many more thousands live with the agony of losing their loved ones. Lost a beloved skyline as well as a host of liberties.


I cannot imagine what went through the minds of fighter pilots as they were awaiting instructions to shoot down a plane carrying innocent civilians, most of them most likely Americans.


Yeah What a helpless situation to be placed in.


I had just watched out my front window my son get on the bus for school and had the Today Show on like I did every morning. They started talking about a plane hitting the WTC. At first they thought it was a small plane that might have somehow accidentally hit the first tower. As they were talking about it and trying to figure out how it could happen, the second tower was hit and everyone knew immediately it was a terrorist attack. I didn’t move from the tv until my son came home from school hours later…I remember trying to tell him what had happened in a way an 8 year old could understand but not be scared to death.

I don’t remember when I then learned that one of the planes from Boston had flown right over my home, before turning south towards NYC.

A week later my husband and several other state officials helicoptered over ground zero. It was still burning.

A very big part of his career with the State came about from 9/11 because of the failure of emergency communications between NYPD and NYFD and other govt agencies because the communication towers were all atop the WTC buildings. He went on to work on developing an interoperable communications system and later became Director of Emergency Communications and Interoperability for NYS Dept of Homeland Security.