September 11, NEVER Forget!


I believe he was referring to “Resilience and resolve”.


trump is a disrespectful idiot…
thumbs up for his photo OP…


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Looks like he’s been giddy all morning…
today he can be PRESIDENTIAL…:rofl::rofl:

The article sums it up pretty good…

At this point, should we even be shocked?

Im not laughing at trump…I’m laughing at the idiot supporters who condone this nonsense…because we all know he’s crazy as ■■■■■:joy::joy::rofl:




I wish I could still laugh at them, but they would be a great deal funnier if they had no ability to negatively impact my life or the lives of those I care about through their ignorance and deplorable nature.



you know damn well if Obama, or any living president did this today they’d be roasted…


@Apocalypto and @Excast
How have you guys survived this forum for so long?


This is my memory of that day, an Insert piece I wrote for my Church’s Bulletin back in 2014.

Anything, but sit!

Only a couple days until we once more commemorate the anniversary of 9/11. Let us pray that there will be no more such attacks, no more such horrific scenes unfolding in our American cities, no more Flight 93’s crashed into our American countryside’s.

Yeah, there are lots of memories from that day for me, although I was distant, living out in Texas. It was close to my heart, what too place, having worked in New York City, just a short walk from the Twin Towers, in one of our restaurants on the first floor of the Wall Street Journal building. Long with having worked in D.C. at another of our locations just nine blocks from the Capitol. I had likely seen happy smiling faces New york, that would one day become the scared ash covered faces of survivors of the attack, or worse, the faces of the dead.

It happens I had taken the morning off from work on September 11th 2001. Instead I was driving down into Dallas to take care of some personal business. I was on the freeway marveling at what a beautiful blue, crisp, clear, bright shiny day it was. Then the flash came over the radio, DJ’s announced that a “DC 9” had been reported to have “struck one of the towers”. I wondered as I listened “how on earth that could happen” but soon I arrived at my destination, parked and went inside. My meeting over, I left to go on to work; listening in amazement at what was unfolding in New York City, in Washington D.C. and someplace I had never heard of out in Pennsylvania.

Arriving at the manufacturing plant where I worked some miles out from where I lived I noticed, turning in, that the parking lot was all but empty, a strange sight on a weekday that was not a holiday; it was disquieting. Going inside I went to the owner’s office, he was there with the TV on. He informed me he had closed the plant and sent everyone home to be with his or her families, considering what had taken place in the East.

At the time my wife and I lived under the final approach to DFW Airport, and out our floor to ceiling south windows we would normally be able to watch, as jet after jet would pass over on their way to landing. I remember how eerily quiet it was and the sky so eerily empty that day after I got home.

I remember also how I stood for hours at the end of the counter that separated our living room from our kitchen; crying while watching the news coverage with my wife. We were both mesmerized; I was far too keyed up to sit, wanting to do something, needing to do something, anything, but sit. It still gives me chills to think of it.

To God I pray still, for the men and women and children killed on that beautiful blue, crisp, clear, bright shiny day and pray for all those who lost loved ones and pray that there can yet be peace in the world and that we never have another 9/11 to endure and, sadly, to remember.

GDS © 09/06/2014


Knowledge and perspective, I actually learn quite a bit from the sane posters (yourself included) around here. I’m still a relative newbie compared to members like @nebraskafootball and @margaretms2


I was driving to work when I heard the reports of a plane hitting one of the towers. The report I heard said at first it was a small plane. I called my wife and told her to turn on the tv. She described the scene to me with the enormous fires, and the reports were then corrected to say the plane was apparently a large jetliner. She got really upset when she saw the second plane hit. When I heard that I though ■■■?? A second plane? At that point I realized it that it couldn’t be an accident. What are the odds a second large plane would hit a few minutes later? I got to the office in time to see the aftermath and collapsing buildings.


So far you’re the only one who lied in this thread.


Thats the trump playbook


Projection was always your strong suit.


Every one loved his speech… Now he’s getting ready for the Hurricane…


This is the same man that was accused of being an “arab” and a terrorist, and arab, etc and remained diplomatic. I don’t expect anything different from him :roll_eyes:

mm! mm! mmm!! Barack HUSSEIN Obama!!! Remember that?


Fat donald’s supporters still call him that.

Anyone remembers this little nugget from Fox News?


There already is a thread dedicated to TRUMP remembering Trump on 9/11. That is where this should go.


I think that image of the second plane coming out of no where on that tight shot of the towers is what will always stick with me. It was like BAM. There it was. NO question we were being attacked. My heart sank, my Head went into a whirl wind. How many planes, where are they…are they just going to start falling from the sky? Dropping on schools…DO I get my son, do I call off work, do I head to the cabin in Wisconsin where I think I’ll be safer. It was so hard to know what to do. We never had this before.


He has a very limited range of public behavioral modes.