September 11, NEVER Forget!


For some reason, I hadn’t turned on the TV that day and went out for a morning walk. Someone I knew told me what had happened. When I went home and turned on the TV, I was, like everyone, literally stunned. It was great everyone put aside politics for a short time. I’m not so sure that would happen now.


September used to be my favorite month of the year. At some point that changed, now I find it melancholy and full of anxiety. I used to think it was because it was back to school month, and I missed having my little sidekick with me. As a stay at home momma, I was NEVER the type of parent who looked forward to school starting again lol.

But I don’t know if that’s it anymore. I think something just changed that day. It was such a day that only comes in September, the light, the clear air, the touches of gold, that sky.

Today is just like that. And I am anxious. Over nothing. Just anxious. The sky is there, the golden light, the quiet of late summer. I am trying really hard to be productive, fighting the urge to call my daughter at her school. It’s hard.


Yeah…I have fought that urge today as well…Today is her busy day with college classes. She is nestled in the west suburbs right between O’Hare and Midway. There is constant air traffic overhead there.

This day created a great deal of anxiety for many of us, who didn’t have the actual diagnosis of anxiety disorder. I have fought hard to fight my anxiety demon’s. I think in many respects the uncertainty on my then 6 year old, plays a large part in his worry of the world today.


Yeah the skies were what I remembered. Beautiful day a crisp feeling of fall. I just moved to South Carolina. But like you, the bluest skies I have ever saw. Such an eerie feeling


Oddly enough today is a very similar day weather wise.


My kids were 4 and 6 at the time and I had just redeployed from Suadi Arabia in July. I can understand anxiety.


“40 Wall St actually was the 2nd tallest building in downtown Manhattan & it was before the WTC, the tallest & then when they built the WTC-it became known as the 2nd tallest. And now it’s the tallest.”

Trump bragging about owning the tallest building in Manhattan again a few hours after thousands died in the collapse of the World Trade Center.

Some have indeed forgotten quite a lot.


Looks like trump has already forgotten 9/11


They can’t even remember Sept. 11 without turning it into an attack on Trump.


neither can he avoid a photo op…
no matter the day…:roll_eyes:



Dude, don’t lie in this thread.


Libs are sick in the head…no other way to explain it.


Electing Donald Trump was an attack on those who lost people on 9/11. Or maybe you are among those who liked Trump “Telling it like it is” when he couldn’t even make it a day without turning 9/11 into a promotion for his own property?




This is trump on 9/11 telling it like it is…

He’s saying ■■■■ 9/11…


While I normally agree with Obama, the fact remains that the attacks on 9/11 did change who we were. It turned America into an angry mob that was out for vengeance against Muslims. That is why we invested so much blood and money in the Iraq fiasco. That is why we spent years acting as if torture was somehow a debatable act.




Yes, Trump is Cool and his wife is a knockout…