Separation of children and parents at the border ruled unconstitutional

J.S.R., by and through his next friends J.S.G. and Joshua Perry, and V.F.B., by and through her next friends A.B.A. and Joshua Perry, Plaintiffs,


JEFFERSON B. SESSIONS, III, et al., Defendants.

United States District Judge Victor Allen Bolden of the District of Connecticut, sitting at Bridgeport, has declared the separation of children at the border unconstitutional, in the preliminary injunction linked above.

Interesting, in that this case goes beyond the similar litigation in California, to address the PTSD suffered by the children that is directly attributable to the separation.

We will find out more following a status hearing on July 18, at which the parents and the children will both be physically present by order of the court.

Oh BS. If its not unconstitutional to separate parents and children of citizens, how can any judge determine its unconstitutional for non citizens. Overturned!

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It won’t be overturned, because the underlying policy has been rescinded. It won’t be appealed, because soon there will be nothing to appeal.

So what was the need for the ruling then?

Because so that the administration doesn’t renew the policy when they feel it’ll be convenient.

We had more rules governing checked airport baggage than we did with these undocumented children with their parents.

Don’t argue this point. I was making a funny. I don’t think it’s true, but I don’t know if it’s not. I’m not going to try to defend this. I’m just saying.

Yeah, that’s IF they bother to actually show up. How likely is that really? Wasn’t that the main problem with “catch and release?” People not showing up for their court dates and still remaining in the country illegally? Of course, it kind of seems like that’s the real goal anyway. Keep the status quo.

Its not a policy, its Congressional Immigration Law.

Or just dumping their kids and returning to their native countries.

lawsuit was filed before Trump order the policy ended.

and Trump is no longer following that law.

Anyone think this would fly in court for an American citizen? You can’t arrest me and take me to jail pending trial without due process to separate me from my kids? You get due process on whether you can be held in jail or not, not whether separating from your kids is warranted.

Your children would be given to the next in legal guardian not put in the hand of child services.

So stop calling it a policy. If its law, its law. And this court jumped the shark on this. If i were Trump, i would appeal it on principle even if i detested the law.

When US citizens are arrested their children aren’t also arrested and put in a separate jail.

If you can’t make bail, you stay in jail.

So, we send them back?

I can prove who my children and their next legal guardian are.

Only if their is someone to act as legal guardian, if not, they go into the system.

Neither are illegals. The Foster system isn’t prison.