Separating families at the border

While taking a long drive last Friday I had the chance to listen to the radio. I heard about families being separated and how horrible it was for the United States to separate families.

this headline is an example of the talking point.
News about Separating Families Is Inhumane

Many articles come up in a Google search. especially in relation to immigration.

Then it occurred to me; if separating families is inhumane and possible racist, we need to let all parents out of jail.
Or, is there a different level of humanity for immigrants versus citizens?

Perhaps there is a standard of parental immunity that I do not know about.

has child protective services been eliminated? They separate families every day.

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I am disgusted with the black protesters protesting about keeping families together at the border when they need to protest for the black community to keep their families together. So many black families do not have fathers in their family. Such outright hypocrisy is very disturbing and not healthy for our communities.


Does America look up those parent and take their kid away as a “warning” to other people.

I say poe.

Of course if you spent just a few more minutes on Google you would see that these parents that are being separated from their children are being charged with illegal entry and in almost every case sentenced to time served and a $10 fine. Unlike citizens, their children are often across the country and the very government who separated them from the children has NO plan in place on reuniting the children with their parents.

The potential of dying in the desert isn’t acting as enough of a “warning” to other people, so more drastic measures are obviously needed.

“is there a different level of humanity for immigrants versus citizens?”

You betcha for some on the left. I am not sure the percentage but the open borders/abolish ice wing of the party.

I’d even say that there’s a different level of humanity between True Americans and the libs on the left. It’s not that they’re inherently inferior, but the twisted ideology that infests their brains has made them that way.

The obvious point is that if commit a criminal act you risk being separated from your kids. But all the outcry is about immigrants not residents.

Imagine you crossed into Canada illegally with your family and the Canadians locked you up, took your kids from you and sent you back after a while but never told you where your kids were or if you’d ever get them back. Seriously- think about it- its insane. And really- kind of evil.

no. they separate the child to protect them.

If you crossed into Canada accidentally once with your family- say you skipped the border and went to go camping somewhere- do you think it would be okay for them to take your children and never have a plan for letting you reunite with them- or even communicate with them?

Try and answer without deflecting (I’d bet a fat dollar you can’t answer this without deflecting to something else.)

Why do y’all keep saying they don’t have a plan to reunite them?

your hypothetical is not for me to answer. You see, I know it’s my family. But the authorities do not. if we all have passports, they have some ID that can easily be checked. Without such controlled internationally recognized ID, I have to face the possibility if not likelihood that we will be separated until such time as they can verify our identities and relationships. THE FLOOD OF ILLEGALS CALLED BY THE LIBS SIMPLY MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE TO GET THAT INVESTIGATION DONE QUICKLY.

I have crossed borders all over the world. Not alot but enough to know that no other country would be as lax as we have been.

Why do you say that?

we entitled

well… not sure about dying but … I do face some program managers who are gonna take away my birthday.

Fine. What if you purposely avoided border security at the Canadian border and headed up with you family to stay for a while. Do you think it is reasonable for you to be locked up, your kids removed with no clear plan of how to be reunited- let alone communicate with them.