Separate But Equal

No it doesn’t. The original poem did, but the Anthem never has.

Link it

Well between you and I… only one of us knew the op was about race. Wanna take a guess?

The NFL has demonstrated itself to be left.

Incorrect. All of the verses are in the anthem, but typically just the first is sung.

Please note that the link provided is to the National Museum of American History, not some random crank on the internet

No. If you want to discuss it in detail, start a new thread.

Are you saying that for the first time ever, you found a topic that is not about race?

Oh NOW you want to deflect :rofl:

You got caught, again.

This topic is about race… you still haven’t read the OP? :rofl:

Yes, those are the complete lyrics written in 1814, but only the first stanza is recognized as the Anthem. Regardless, it is disingenuous to assert that the Anthem is racists (as some here have done) simply because the author was a slave owner and the word “slave” is found in the complete, original poem.

You caught nothing but yourself. One cannot deflect by refusing to become embroiled in a discussion that is off topic to the thread. In fact, the opposite is true.

I know, but you said only one of us knew that, so since I know it is not me, I assumed it must be you.

A discussion YOU started. Now when you get called out you deflect “start a thread on it”

No, YOU Start a thread on it. You brought it up… not me. :rofl:

What is it with you guys today? It’s like you think if you repeat a falsehood enough times, we’ll believe it.


Dis you?

Who started this thread Samm… tell me pretty please.

I did not start a discussion. I simply pointed to Title IX as an example of “separate but equal” which has nothing to do with racial segregation. You’re the only one who wants to discuss it … for what purpose, I cannot imagine, since it has nothing to do with the OP topic.

What specifically are you referring to?

When I said “Purp made it about race,” I was not referring to the OP. Follow the arrows back. I’m not going to spend the time to show you what that comment did refer to.