Separate But Equal

Nobody is disputing this. You need to explain your point better.

Again, the thread is about the NFL’s proposal to sing the national anthem and Lift Every Voice (or the Black National Anthem, if you prefer), and right wing objections to that proposal.

Why do we need a black national anthem that gets the same protocols as the national anthem? Regular one not good enough for blacks?

The NFL doesn’t think so.

Besides, aside from an extra 5 minute delay to start, what difference does it make?

Usually anthems are for you know, other countries… but hey, if blacks want their own country… why wouldn’t that seem offensive to some people?

I just don’t get the point of them doing this.

Of course will the tv show people kneeling or turning their backs during the black national anthem?

After all free speech is for everyone right?

That’s quite a leap to “they want their own country”.

As far as why, it appears to be an attempt to honor those who were engaged in the struggle for civil rights…

NFL to play Black national anthem before every game

Also, this dual song thing was already done at the last Super Bowl. And yet the republic endured. Are you sure that you aren’t mountainizing a mole hill here?

Absolutely. Just be prepared for a left wing mirror image of the right wing hissy fit


Actually Social Justice messaging is very much from the left. It is an attempt by WOKE LIBs to reeducate adult white males about the historical injustices against blacks. I’m not sure how exactly that accomplishes anything in today’s reality, but…

In any case the NFL is feeling guilty about the way they treated blacks who disrespected our National Anthem and are trying to make amends by caving to the WOKE LIB agenda.

Anything related to that topic is open to discussion. Even a few side trips are allowed. :slight_smile:

Already been discussed.

Well, good for them.

BTW, did you notice that this dual song thing was done at the last Super Bowl?

It’s weird how America is still a going concern, huh?

Yes, but not by me and Mountain Soldier.

Didn’t watch it.

I’m assuming your next point will be that the world didn’t end. Oops! Looks like you already made that point. :blush:

But that doesn’t change any of my arguments or opinions in this thread.

My bad. Being my thread I have an uncontrollable urge to weigh in on most posts, even on those where I should probably hold back. :blush:

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Been there and done that. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Maybe. We’ll never know.

All you have to do is walk a mile…

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Sure it does; that’s what it’s about.

Apparently you don’t know what you are talking about.