Separate But Equal

What are LIBs thinking? Separate Anthems? Really? Won’t this further divide us rather than bring us closer together?

I stopped watching the NFL when players began taking a knee. This craziness will only further my resolve to stay away.

NFL 2021 season will include Black national anthem, social justice messages again: report

The Black national anthem is reportedly set to return before NFL games for good starting in 2021.

"Lift Every Voice and Sing" was played before the start of Week 1 games during the 2020 NFL season, and Front Office Sports reported Wednesday the NFL plans to make it a "prominent part of big league events."

Now you’re going to double boycott the NFL. That’ll show them.

There’s no “separate” anything. Everyone gets to hear both songs.

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I liked my fake show of patriotism when it was just a ad campaign paid for by the Pentagon.


The link is my favorite version of the song. I find it uplifting.

Lift EVERY voice and sing. What’s wrong with that? EVERY voice is inclusive…not just black, or white, lower or higher range, EVERY voice.

Not losing sleep over the inclusion of this poem that became a hymn, heck, the original writers of the poem, if the history is researched, forgot it & moved on until word traveled that it was being performed by many black Americans in churches.

Fourth of July celebrations, football games, every voice that wants to should feel free to sing this one.


I’m not a fan of separate anthems and the implications of it, but there are so many worse things to worry about than how an entertainment product chooses to present their show. Nobody’s forced to watch the NFL.

more proof it’s the nut left and democrats who have always been and will always be pro discrimination


What or who makes it a “separate anthem”? It was originally written as a poem. It’s lyrics are quite inclusive. It was originally sung to celebrate the birth of Abraham Lincoln:

Lift Every Voice and Sing | The Poem and Song | Black History | PBS.

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It’s being treated as a separate anthem, or else it wouldn’t be consistently referred to as “The Black National Anthem.” Those aren’t my words.


You read the OP right?

It plainly says “a black national anthem”.


Who’s being discriminated against in this case?

Went to the article and. Black National Anthem appears to be written by Fox, not the NFL.

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people with dark skin pigmentation

amazing version of this song. thanks for sharing! i just view the lyrics. it is very inclusive, very spiritual and very inspiring. LOVE IT.

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No where in article I see the word “separate” anthem. that is you adding that word to spice up the story.
They are simply including another song. There is no separation - it is inclusion.

How so?

how is singing another song discrimination?

What is the old saying United we stand divided we fall.


But only one is the National Anthem, the other is … :thinking:

… what is the other one? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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We are not united, nor will we ever be in the near future. We have irreconcilable differences and it’s probably best to draw up separation documents rather than risk violent escalations in the very near future.


So a Fox News article which calls it a “black national anthem” makes it one?

Check out the lyrics. It’s actually very inclusive, even the title lift EVERY voice.

It was written to honor the birth of Abraham Lincoln & isn’t replacing The Star Spangled Banner, but being added separately.

Not losing sleep over this one.