Senior Saudi prince says CIA cannot be trusted on Khashoggi conclusion

Shocking isn’t it. The country where most of the 9/11 terrorists came from are saying we’re lying. Damage control.

I think the world is in more trouble once the crazy son takes over.

just like to note that this is the same government that threaten Canada with a terrorist attack for criticizing them publicly.

SA has been emboldened by Trumps support of the reg by his insistence that the Saudi government is not connected to the murder.


You would have to be a fool to trust the CIA. Basically, if they say something, you can assume the opposite is true.

taking a page from trump…I bet this indeed came from trump and Pompeo

I love patriotic Americans that put the word of a foreign government that is the opposite of everything that America standa for above their own intelligence services.

Trump has to be protected at all costs. Then again these are the same people who were 100% for the war in Iraq who now pretend they never supported the war or Bush because of Trumps stance.

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When the words of foreign governments are more credible than the CIA, I think you need to solve this problem. if you know what I mean. Nothing is worse than someone who is unreliable in power status. Thank God President Trump. He will lead the United States to a new world order.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump agrees with the Saudi Prince.

Maybe Trump will advise the Saudi Prince to start saying “Witch hunt!”

C’Mon man, admit it you are Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the most successful businessman in world history. Because of his current position, he is also the strongest person. I want every man, maybe a woman, because they love him. They love him. Everyone wants to be Donald J. Trump, so do you think I will say that I am not him? Yes, of course. I am not him. But maybe I have it. Who knows but I don’t. Don’t even worry.

Saying that the DOJ and/or the FBI are still screwed up after Trump has been in office almost two years sounds pretty foolish to me.

Well at least you can lie as good as he does.

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Well our own president seems to doubt our intelligence agencies…

Everyone says that the CIA is the largest lie organization in the history of time. It’s time to drain swamps of useless organizations that want to spread false news, and stop the witch of the fake news in the news every day. We don’t need government agents, with their only task is to investigate “crimes” that Trump may “make” in the “past.” It is time for unity. It is time to rebuild the United States.

Rome wasn’t built in an hour.