Senators target Russia with massive bipartisan bill

" They’ve proposed a massive bill that aims to, among other things, force the administration to assess whether Russia is a state sponsor of terror.

It would also require a two-thirds Senate vote if Trump decides to leave NATO, a report on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s net worth and assets, and title insurance companies in the US to report information on who owns entities that buy high-priced homes here – as well as would hammer Russia with a host of additional sanctions and new ways of cracking down on Russian disinformation and cyber-crimes."

Dang. Even the Senate is neutering our President. Pretty smart though. The United States must stand up to Russian and Trump certainly won’t do it. My guess is the Senators are tired of a foreign head of state playing us like a bunch of fools (internationally).

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And it allows Republican senators to act tough not only on Russia but on the President, as many of them need that when re-election comes around.

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Good point. The 2020 Senate map is not nearly as favorable to republicans as 2018 was.

The distancing has begun.

Doesn’t really matter. You think the Trump administration would actually impose these sanctions?

It doesn’t matter. They can tell voters they rebuked Trump. That’s all that counts.

No, I agree with that. I meant about the effectiveness of the bill becoming law.

Sure id like to see it enacted. But it really won’t matter at election time.

I’m thinking Mitch is pretty much done with Trump. He’ll use him if he needs a Supreme Court justice but otherwise he is done with his stupid policies (Build a Wall! Shut down the Government! Tariff wars with everyone! Russia is awesome!). And he is now desperate to save the GOP senate and his job.

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Yep. This is about self preservation.

What is it that’s “massive” about this bill?