Senators Murkowski and Collins vote no on the Motion to Proceed to Executive Session on the ACB nomination

Senators Murkowski and Collins voted no on the Motion to Proceed to Executive Session, which motion was ultimately passed 51 to 46.

Proceeding to Executive Session is typically done by unanimous consent and is a necessary prerequisite for Senator McConnell to file cloture on ACB’s nomination.

Senator Collins has indicated she will vote no on confirmation, Senator Murkowski has not indicated her ultimate intentions yet.

There are likely to be numerous procedural votes called by Senator Schumer to delay the nomination to the maximum extent possible.

While he cannot stop the nomination, this delay effectively will run out the clock pre-election on a number of other judicial nominations.

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If Trump does not win, is it possible the new president can recall the nomination?

ACB will likely have her commission and have taken her Constitutional and Judicial Oaths before the election.

It will be LONG over before January 20th, 2021.

Let the constituents of these two Senators decide their political future but if I had a say, it’d be bye Felicia.

Murkowski won a write-in campaign after being primaried by the GOP. Collins is likely gone.

I thought Murkowski has now said she’ll vote to confirm when that vote comes up.

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She will already be confirmed by that time. He can’t recall her after that any more than he can recall Justice Thomas.

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7:30 PM ET tomorrow.