Senators can abstain from a vote when Trump's Supreme Court nominee is up for a final vote

At quick glance, if one or more US Senators abstain it does not to appear to aid the Democrats in getting the 51 votes to defeat a nominee to the Bench put up by the President.

Anybody see anything more definitive on this hypothetical of what happens if 4 or more Senators abstain from casting any vote altogether?

Pence could break a 48-48 tie.

The nomination requires a simple majority of those who vote; 51 votes are not required if there are abstentions.

That was I thought. I hope Republicans clearly state anyone who joins Collins of Maine here in voting no will be cut off from campaign perks and the like.

That being said, why would even a RINO merely abstain instead of voting no for Trump’s nominee?

Enough Rs will abstain that the nomination will not go through until after the election and I hope their constituents are watching.

best not to hope that. if the gop loses the Senate, and Trump is not re elected, Barrets tenure on the majority will end in February

It isn’t my wish. It’s what I think I’m seeing ahead.

then maybe you worded it wrong?

Perhaps constituents (concerned ones anyway) should be hammering their US Senators with legit reasons why a SCOTUS nominee should be confirmed? There’s really only one (reason), the mail in ballots. That is a debacle of epic proportions waiting to happen. Everyone knows it and it’s going to take nine Justices to make a decision(s) if needed. A 4-4 tie isn’t going to either re-elect the Prez or give the nod and wink to Harris :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I mean ‘Ol Joe. :kissing_smiling_eyes:
Our two US Senators here in the Peoples Republic of Maryland are Van Hollen and Cardin both lock step Dims . I’ve never voted for either, ever, but conveyed my feelings. I’m guessing if I get a reply it will be the “2016 Obama pick/ McConnell rule change/ election year/ RBG wish” canned narrative in Schumer’s memo he’s been blubbering about.

ah yes… the old wish clause in the constitution.

That “wish” Schumer and Ocasio-Castro-Chavez were bloviating about yesterday is interesting.
First, other than those two nimrods pushing the narrative and the media reporting it as “the family said on her deathbed RBGs dying wish” etc etc, has anyone from the Ginsberg family actually publicly acknowledged this? I think it’s a bunch of horse ■■■■ the Dims and the complicit media concocted given the circumstances.
Next, what the ■■■■ is a Marxist freshman House Rep jagoff like Cortez doing making public statements about SCOTUS nominees with a US Senator? That useless waste of oxygen has no say in the matter and Schumer allowing it tells me he’s using that “time to radicalize” ■■■■■■■■ to cause problems. What a bunch of asshats!


I guess this is what it looks like when one actually believes that mail in balloting is somehow a lb/con issue.

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They swore an othe to the Constitution.