Senators Announce Electoral Count Act Reform Act of 2022

Official description at Senator Collins site.

Text of bill at Senator Collin’s site.

I have not read the bill yet, but as described it appears to be acceptable.

Here’s how you know the bill is trash:

Rob Portman (R‑OH)
Kyrsten Sinema (D‑AZ)
Mitt Romney (R‑UT)
Jeanne Shaheen (D‑NH)
Lisa Murkowski (R‑AK)
Mark Warner (D‑VA)
Thom Tillis (R‑NC)
Chris Murphy (D‑CT)
Shelley Moore Capito (R‑WV)
Ben Cardin (D‑MD)
Todd Young (R‑IN)
Chris Coons (D‑DE)
Ben Sasse (R‑NE)
Lindsey Graham (R‑SC)


God help this nation if for ONCE, we can have a genuine bipartisan effort to improve our Republic in a very meaningful way and ensure that 2020 never happens again.

By the way, I supported similar provisions LONG before the identity Senators became known.

This bill should pass 100 to 0 in the Senate, 435 to 0 in the House and be signed into law.


While I agree, I still question its constitutionality, even with a “beefed up” objection process.

I don’t see where the Constitution delegates any power to Congress to object to a state’s certified slate of electors.

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That is a valid concern.

But think were we are at with the existing statute, versus what this bill would provide.

Currently, an objection can be lodged for any reason.

The bill GREATLY restricts the grounds for lodging an objection.

Thus, the bill moves us in a more Constitutional direction than the status quo.

Status quo = objections for any reason

Bill = objections for a very limited number of reasons.

We know the existing status quo is not Constitutional, the bill takes us in a more Constitutional objection.

Could Moore v. Harper SCOTUS outcome have impact on this if this passes ?

Probably will have no effect on this.


Just curious to know what about the content of the bill is trash?

The Senate’s bipartisan working group on election law reforms, led by Sen. Susan Collins (RINO-ME)

and that’s how you know

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What about the actual content of it that you specifically disagree with ?

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every single bit of it

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So clarifying the process and the role of the VP is bad why?

bill doesnt say that

try to reframe your narrative

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Romney, Murkowski… and that’s just some of the trash RINOs. Haven’t even gotten to the psycho soup yet. lol


That’s exactly what it does. It explicitly says so in the preamble to the bill. The first page.

lol. awesome

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it does no such thing

i guess youre gonna just hope no one reads it and takes your word for it

dont blame you. they do this with “news” every day

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You’re serious? Did you read any of it? Page 13, Line 7.

Section 109 - Amends Section 15 of title 3


It literally defines the role of the Vice President in the electoral vote process. I’m not sure how more you could clarify the role of the VP other than expressly stating the role of the VP, as this bill does.

The great thing is that even though this bill expressly states the exact role and powers of the VP in the electoral process, you’ll continue to say it doesn’t. As expected. Sunk cost fallacy, I guess.


Trust me they just mad because they think it makes Trump look bad.

Pretty much. They hate it because it’s a reaction to what happened on Jan 6th.