Senator Sinema kills filibuster change

Did you see what Tom Cotton did, revived a speech by UpChuck defending the filibuster and read it word for word on the Senate floor giving chuckles full credit.


“ SEN. TOM COTTON: It was the easiest speech I’ve ever given in my time in politics. I didn’t have to write a single word of it. I just repeated what Chuck Schumer said over the years about the importance of Senate rules and traditions and customs to respect the rights of the minority in the Senate. The Senate is a place where you have a sober second thought against sometimes transient or fleeting opinions coming from the House of Representatives. It’s played that role over our history. It needs to continue to play that role.”


What are the chances of Tom Cotton rereading that speech when a future Republican President Trump wants a Republican led Senate to kill the filibuster?? If he does, I will give him major credit.

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I agree with her as well. Finding middle ground is much healthier for a Democracy and a country.

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Good girl


Right? There will come a time when the R’s wanna dump it, and the pendulum of hypocrisy will swing.

I disagree. Major life and nation altering legislation needs to be debated vigorously for a very, very long time. The needs and concerns of the minority groups need to be taken into account. It shouldn’t be rammed through with a +1 threshold.

And I’ll take Repubs to task for the same thing. The Senate is supposed to be a slow, deliberative body where the objective is to find consensus while dealing the least amount of damage to those such legislation will harm the most.


We are in the 21st century. Things move faster now. This “long and deliberate” debate reasoning is asinine. It’s not used for long a deliberate debate anymore. Nor do I think our country should be legislated as such. The world is moving at 200mph while the senate wants to move at 2mph. It’s not sustainable.

Filibuster wasn’t even a consideration by the founders…

Now with that being said… my ONLY hesitation on ending the filibuster is just how outsized the power of the Senate is for the GOP. I can see a scenario where Dems never win the senate again. I guess in that case the filibuster could help hold back the GOP as well. Assuming they don’t change it

Rushed decisions are often poor decisions and political actions taken without broad consensus, only lead to bitter divisiveness.


…you don’t like Jimmy Stewart’s acting? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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“This week’s harried discussions about Senate rules are but a poor substitute for what I believe could have and should have been a thoughtful public debate at any time over the past year.”

This is true for so much about Congress.


Oh I will fully support the removal of the filibuster when republicans take back the senate. Dems are too dangerous to be left any hope of ever regaining power. Tell you that straight up.

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And if Dems had any sense they would go for the gold now while they have the chance before Republicans regain power and throw a lot of them in jail for their crimes.

Define “rushed”

What is the right amount of time to debate?

There is no question but that Trump will be for dumping the filibuster if he gets in and has a Republican majority in the senate. Likely at that point there will be a few Republicans working to keep the filibuster just as Sinema And Manchin are doing now.

How would that prevent Dems from ever taking power?

Given the magnitude of their crimes their party should be outlawed.

I’m not sure Sinema and Manchin see the same thing as the gold as their fellow Democrats.

So a Republican Senate would ditch the filibuster and literally outlaw Democrats? What specific crimes are you referring to?

Have the republicans ever talked about it or tried it? I honestly don’t know.

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Again, the shoe will be on the other foot eventually.

Both sides will do wise to keep the filibuster because they won’t like it when they lose power - sort of like nuclear deterrence of the cold war.