Senator Schumer introduces a resolution to rename the Russell Senate Office Building as the McCain Senate Office Building

The Senate reconvened at 4:00 pm today for the first time after McCain’s death. Both leaders gave remarks praising McCain.

Senator Schumer introduced a resolution that would rename the Russell Senate Office Building the McCain Senate Office Building.

This is an excellent idea from TWO aspects.

  1. McCain clearly deserves the honor, without any doubt whatsoever.

  2. Richard Russell was a segregationist and an opponent of Civil Rights, filibustering against the Civil Rights Act. Taking his name OFF the building would be a great idea anyway.

The Senate should pass this Resolution 100-0.

Even Senator Schumer can come up with a brilliant idea on occasion. :smile:


Appropriately, McCain’s own offices were located in that building.

Yeah, I think this one is a no brainer. Even for the Senate.

Waiting for the Alt-Right “some good people” to run to their fainting couches.


I’d like the British betting sites make an over/under on this one.

If it gets past committee, it’ll never go to a roll call vote. It’ll get passed by acclamation in a voice vote and no senator will have to put his name on a vote that is partially a direct snub at the President.

Mitch McConnell will make sure of it.

Thanks. I did not know that.

Just a hunch on my part. Someone could call for a quorum and force a roll call, but I doubt it’ll go down that way.

Are you referring to the Democratic senator from Georgia?

Yes, the one and the same.

He was just making sure he got the word “Democrat” in there, because that’s obviously the important part.

Yup. Kinda weird that a current Democratic Senator from New York is asking that his name be replaced. Wonder why that is…

Racism is in their heritage. Let’s not forget that. I believe it still is in their character. It’s just better hidden.

All part of the liberal strategy to erase history, if this passes, I bet they’ll remove his statue too. Leave the 20th Century Southern Racists Alone!

What state are you from, if I may ask?

"In a statement Saturday, Schumer said he would be introducing a resolution for the building’s name to be changed “so that generations remember him.” "

Now I find this ironic. Taking one forgotten man’s name off of a building so another man won’t be forgotten. In 40 years it is likely a new unforgettable person will replace McCain’s name on that building.

That’s a harsh view to take of Southerners in general.

All of them.

It’s ok, you could have just said “I prefer not to answer”.

I’m going assume the south?