Senator Kamala Harris rejects White Call call: "we want nothing to do with you" (7-9-2018)


I’m not as GOD-like as I briefly thought I was. It’s probably for the best.


Lol how bout shooting off a nuke.



That would be stupid of them to do.


But that would make them a threat,right?



Depends on your definition of a threat, I suppose.

Is KJU a rational actor?


Definitions: 1. Any action performed by a politician I don’t like.
synonyms: Socialist, Racist


This guy gets it.


Did you complain during the Obama years?


Like all politicians he lie too, especially when it came to the ACA. However, what your lord and savior is doing is unprecedented and if you can deny that, then you’re a just as bad.


She did tge right thing. She shouldn’t take the call. There shouldn’t be any dialogue at all.


Dialogue between Don McGahn and a random Senator on the Committee? Do you think if she had taken the call from McGahn, that it would have led to Trump nominating someone different?


My Lord and Savior is Jesus. Try again.


What did I just say? You think I’m joking?


I did. I presumed sarcasm. Was I mistaken. If so, my apologies.


No sir. No sarcasm at all. As you said, there’s nothing to discuss. The parties have been purified. Let’s get on with it.


This is gold coming from trumpists


I hope so.


Dialog with Trump?

Thats akin to talking to yourself.

How has talking with Trump gotten anyone anywhere?

Just one small example @SneakySFDude



The only language he speaks is forked tongue.



You didn’t seem to mind that under Obama.