Senator Hirono doesn’t give a damn about women

Because deflecting to Trump is the only way to avoid dealing with the same issues they condemn others for.

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It was wrong for them to demand anything of Kavanagh before he was heard.
He was given a hearing and confirmed.
Biden denies that this happened. When I see the evidence one way or the other I will make my determination.

Exactly. It’s sickening how they’re trying to use the same standard they use to condemn others on Trump himself. It’s none of their business. When did we hold private citizens to the standard we hold politicians? This would be the first.

I will say the same thing that I said about the Ford/Kavenaugh thing.

Something very likely happened to Reade. It should be looked into. The question is if the memory matches up to reality.

We will never know what actually happened and that is something that we will have to accept.

When will we see one of these from the senate?

I doubt this will ever happen. Democrats would never allow it.

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^^ This.

Why haven’t we seen a single democrat that called for Kavanagh to withdraw before he was even heard call for Biden to withdraw? I thought the woman must be believed?

This I agree with, it’s doubtful we will ever know the truth behind either case. Too much time has passed and there likely isn’t enough evidence to prove it.

Unfortunately, that is not the standard that was set when it worked in favor of those who now choose to ignore a deflect.

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I can only speak For myself.

IMO there was a way for the Kavenaugh thing to not become an absolute circus.

No one, not even the GOP, took that route.

Should Kavanagh have withdrawn? In your opinion?

I disagree, that situation was designed, manufactured and distributed to become a circus.

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I disagree. Ford was child, couldn’t remember the house place or time. Her best friend who Ford claim was there didn’t know what she’s talking about, nor did she know who Kavenaugh was.

This women Reade was adult who was one of Biden staff member.

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So you’re just hoping libs have better values then you? Is that where we’re at?

They don’t.

So why are you complaining?

Libs says and act like they’re morally superior.

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Was hoping for consistency. Obviously none around.

Dont worry you’ll learn to like the kid sniffer over the next 4 to 8 years. All will be fine

Why shouldn’t his accuser be believed?