Senator Flake threatens to vote against judges after GOP blocks vote on Mueller protection bill

Whoops! Looks like a rumble in the Senate… May have to wait till January for them federal judges…

Flake says a lot of things though, but never follows through. He’ll flake as usual.

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Hopefully Flake will get some traction with this.

Better be careful Jeff. Trump might send out a mean tweet.

flake is a bad bluffer

Sure he will.

I also feel like I’ve heard Flake make threats like this that never go anywhere…

Traction? As in other Senators give in to blackmail? If he is a decisive vote they will just do a revote in a couple of months.
He must be having his Spartacus moment.

The whole flake coons thing is idiotic, you cannot prevent the President from firing subordinates. Even if he wanted to

His name is perfect.