SENATE SABOTAGE? ‘New Deal’ Sponsor Says McConnell ‘KILLING’ MOVEMENT by Calling Vote | Sean Hannity

Democratic Sen. Ed Markey unloaded on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on social media Tuesday; directly accusing the GOP lawmaker of “sabotaging the movement” by calling for a full vote on his ‘Green New Deal.’

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So this wingnut is still trying to legitimize this crazy proposal and save his tattered reputation. He was hoping to hide behind Cortez’ skirt to push this lunacy through and many Dem 2020 candidates embraced it without reading it (See Spartacus rantings). Good luck taking that train to Europe or Hawaii! Good luck plugging in that electric car to your windmill on a calm day or your solar panel on a cloudy day. Good luck paying 70 - 90% of your pay in taxes to pay for those out of work(from closed energy and insurance industry) and who don’t want to work, for their free healthcare, free green housing and vegan diet. Let them vote for it to have on record to show the country who and WHAT they are. MAGA!!!

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Ya can’t fix STUPID

Introducing a bill, not to be voted on, is an abstract waste of our Legislative body and it’s resources! Pie in the sky BS is useless … we have a great deal to do and one the Democrats favorite way to obstruct is delay! Stop the BS and do your job!

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What exactly is the Senator trying to hide. I see no problem with getting our lawmakers to go on record with their vote. Stop dodging and let the people know where you stand.

According to OronoOnoOho we men must BELIEVE what a woman tells us. No irrational back chat. The Turtle violates that edict from FemCom by meanly and illicitly using the decision making process of representative debate and voting encoded in the Constitution to get a non binding take on what Choo Choo is running train on the country… <<<

Trump will have to seriously investigate climate change measures useing the mea culpa excuse that latest scientific evidence compels him to take exculpory think thats how thats spelt that 60% entomofauna (insects) since 1970 have disappeared from climate change if this continues all life will cease the web or biosphere will lose its coherance this cannot be allowed to happen he needs to stay on top not oppose