Senate RINOs conspire to stop next Putin summit


After all that winning in Helsinki, these clowns are going flaccid for another round?

The talk is about Putin going to the US of A. Imagine the possibilities. Putin meeting real hard-working American people. Giving Putin the tour of the NSA.

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Oh right before midterms and trump says something stupid? Perfect…

If it does happen and Putin comes look for trump to make some off hand suggestion/joke that Putin should run for president here…

Helsinki was resounding success despite the fake media trying to spin it the other way. So much was accomplished, it can not be listed.

Why not try?

Republicans aren’t stupid when it comes to political survival. They’d just as soon this ■■■■ storm over Helsinki fade from our collective memory, and Donald seems determined to keep it front and center until November.

Maybe Trump will sell Alaska back to Russia in exchange for a tower in Moscow and some clothing line patents for his daughter.

The military parade is scheduled for Nov. 11th, I wonder if Putin will be the honored guest.

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Palin will not only see Russia from her house, she’ll be in Russia.


I wonder why Mconnell wont invite Putin to Congress? Aren’t we trying to make peace and not war?

How so?

What are your measures for calling it a success?

Soooo much was accomplished in the first round. I can’t believe they would want to stop a second round. I mean lets review…

1- Choosing Putin over our own Intelligence Agencies
2- Giving an international platform and aggrandizing a man who has been actively attacking our election system
3- Secretly greenlighting the annexation of Eastern Ukraine
4- Saying that our problems with Russia are due to US foolishness and stupidity
5- Contemplating giving over an ambassador for questioning to the Kremlin

So much win there it is hard to know which one was the best accomplishment.

  • Stopping WWIII
  • Increasing amount of win with NK
  • Russian confirmation that they didn’t meddle
  • New Guantanamo destination for disloyal US diplomats and average citizens
  • New soccer ball for little Byron Trump
  • Endless supply of Lib tears

Let’s hope Trump keeps this up.

Turn off Wiki on this post. :wink:

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Good for you