Senate republicans protected American voters

from the those that wanted to make fraud and other forms of criminality easier.

Now republicans need to push for voters integrity bill…and force democrats to vote against it. :wink:


And now Big Stacey all of a sudden supports voter ID?


I think the key word there is “compromise”


Republicans seem to have forgotten the concept of compromise

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He says, right after democrats tried to ram it through on their own and failed with no trace of irony.


That wasn’t an attempt to ram anything anywhere. They knew it was doomed.

What would be in that bill?

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The GOP, and it’s constituents don’t want compromise with Democrats. Plus, the Republicans have already shut down compromise on this bill as well. And it when it comes to the infrastructure bill, looks like they are bare budging as well.

I hope the end of mail in ballots except for legit “absentee ballots” and making “ballot harvesting” a criminal offense.


So make Utah end mail in voting?

Precisely. They can’t govern because that will give Biden and the Dems a victory. Instead, they obstruct and gin up bogus culture war issues.

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It seems like the other side didn’t compromise with the last president and before that one side did it to Obama last compromise we had was when Bush jr was expanding Medicare, Iraq war, and no child left behind.

Stacey Abrams absolutely screwed her state by encouraging the boycotts that cost them millions. She’s desperately trying to win Georgia residents back now.

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Remember that time they worked out a bipartisan bill on immigration that would have passed Congress and President Trump said he would veto it?

I needed the laugh tonight.



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Wrong post

IMO, now Republicans need to leave the states to decide their own voting rules, within the context of the Constitution, of course.



Can you prove that this was ever a issue?

Which they did for the last election. The Republicans are now a party that can not do anything without Trump’s approval. And this will be their undoing in the coming years.

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