Senate panel on Ukraine interference. You'll like this

They didnt find any. Your gop led Senate didnt find any. You know why? It’s fake, a sham, a lie that the Ukraine hacked anything.

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maybe they should have ask sen Kennedy where he gets his information?

Imagine my complete lack of surprise.

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Yeah but what do they know? Trump heard it from people (putin)

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So many nothinbergers served up by the CEC run GOP

Kinda makes the Chalupa thing into a nothing Chalupa.

Sounds like a taco

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Can’t believe I actually liked these as a kid


It doesn’t matter. The lie has been spread and will not be taken out of circulation anytime soon.

The gaslighting is working. It takes less time and effort to convince the easy marks now.

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Just because you refuse to believe it doesn’t make it false.

There were too many Deep State Republicans on the Senate panel. I demand that we look into this issue again with less biased Senators.


They will be primaried

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Like Uranium Queen or pallets of cash?

If only the POTUS had instititions to do these investigations like the Senate, rather than needing a loco personal attorney

You would be a quick investigation

It doesn’t matter we will be hearing about it for years.

Look at those crickets

But Glenn Beck had two chalkboards connecting the dots from the Ukraine to everyone in the Democrat Party. He would never lie.

He doesn’t want to actually investigate…he wants to have the accusations continue to float out there in the ether while pretending to investigate.

It’s why Rudy Giuliani goes on TV and shakes his fist while holding the John Solomon Memos in his hand as opposed to actually turning over the John Solomon Memos to the Justice Department for verification.

And since Trump’s core supporters have a ten second attention span, he can do this over and over…and they buy it every time.