Senate Intel Subpoenas Don Jr

A Fred Trump grandson lie? The hell you say.

Didn’t someone just exert executive privilege to keep the House and Senate from reading the report?

You are right. everybody knows exactly what happened. Everybody knows that Trump doesn’t want his actions examined.


It’s sport to them.

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Perhaps it is grandsons and granddaughters.

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So here is what he should do. Recognize it for what it is. Mueller spent 2 years looking at this and found nothing. This has nothing to do with Russia and everything to do with finding a way to nail somebody associated with the President. Don Jr. should simply take the 5th on every question he’s asked. Just as Lois Lerner did. If they have evidence that he committed a crime, then charge him. If not, go away. These people have mental issues. You lost libs.

We all know that pleading the fifth is for the mob.

So, appropriate, I guess.

Was Lois Lerner part of the mob? So she was guilty and we let her get away with it?

Why do you people continue to lie about the Mueller report. Mueller discovered a lot. 34 people were indicted. Many have plead guilty. Mueller discovered a lot of details on how Russia interfered in our election to help Trump. And you guys and most Republicans on the hill don’t seem to give a damn.
It seems that with you guys it is just all about Trump. It’s like anybody who supports Trump doesn’t give a damn about our Constitution and the salvation of our rule of law. You guys are on the wrong side of history and will be proven so.


I guess so. I’m just repeating what the President says.

Considering the vast majority of republicans haven’t read 3 pages of the report, this is a lie.

This is what I heard as well.

Well … Cohen’s statement contradicts JR’s statement.

JR should simply say that Cohen lied … again.

Time to end the witch hunts.

Cohen provided documents.

Okay. So here’s how it should go. In Don Jr’s opening statement he should say this:

This thing is going into it’s third year. Every question that you can ask me has already been answered at least three times. If you have evidence to charge me with a crime, then do so. Then he should take the 5th on every question asked.

I actually hope that he does that.

He should. Force their hand. Charge him or do not charge him. But the harassment will end here.

Here’s the about the 5th.

It only applies to testimony that could implicate the speaker in a crime.

Which is exactly what the dems want. And they don’t care what crime it is. Right now they are shooting for perjury. So the 5th would apply.

Remember. Lois Lerner took the 5th on every question.

Perjury shouldn’t even be a crime because everyone lies. You can’t make lying a crime when it’s as natural as breathing to some people. Talk about a process crime!

If you think it’s a good idea for Trump Jr. to sit in front of Congress (on television) and respond to every question with “I won’t answer that, because I might implicate myself in a crime”, then that’s fine.

But are you sure that’s a good idea?


You got him! You got the Tater Tot now!