Senate Intel commitee: No collusion

Good point. But I will say that It’s probably not over yet. We’ll see.

You never know. If Mueller keeps looking for a decade or so more, maybe Trump will be in trouble. :smile:

I’m talking about Russia. Which is what the investigation is all about. There is absolutely no sign of any Trump /Russia deal. Zeeeero.

No I’m just wondering how Mueller could miss things. Is his investigation that sloppy?

It won’t take that long. Trust me.

You might want to read these links instead of watching Fox News.

Except you know the LOI signed with a sanctioned russian bank to build moscow tower, with ongoing negotiations during the campaign, and trumps campaign manager being a pro russian ukranian asset, that worked for the exiled ukranian ex president that lives in Russia. Lets not even start with Stone, wikileaks, and the trump tower meeting.

No signs.

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There’s no “Direct” proof. But there’s a lot of indirect evidence, such as multiple secret meetings with Russians that various people lied under oath and that concerned Trump enough that he made repeated public lies to attempt to cover them up, which is of course someone who is completely innocent would do.

It’s amazing how Trumpers can get 13 degrees of Hillary to any possible potential scandal but somehow can’t add 2 + 2 = Collusion.


Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

What? The Senate intel committee couldn’t find collusion? That’s alright…there’s two more years to keep looking.

No its not

There was no crime reported to justify an investigation to start with.

Does a crime have to be reported to start an investigation? Reported by whom?

To start a criminal investigation? Yes. To start a national intelligence investigation? Yes.

Giving prosecutors carte blanche to go out and look for crimes that haven’t even been reported flies in the face of the very foundations of “American Justice”.

Where is this requirement in statute? We know there are requirements for warrants which this investigation secured very early in the investigation…

They secured thee warrants with fraudulent affidavits and by hiding exculpatory evidence they already had.

And yet no action from the courts that issued those warrants… Kinda makes you question your summary of the evidence presented to the court…

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Yet… .

LOL… Huber is on it…


I’m sure you can prove this conspiracy theory?