Senate has adjourned for the day 12/22/18, will next meet 12/24/18 for a pro forma session, then 12/27/18 to resume consideration of the C.R

The Senate has adjourned for the day 12/22/18. It will next meet 12/24/18 for a pro forma session, then 12/27/18 to resume consideration of the C.R.

The House convened at noon today, but is currently in recess subject to the call of the chair.

So at a minimum, we will be in shutdown until the 27th.

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I feel sad for all the thousands of folks that have to work with no pay. I wonder if the Dems will wait until Jan 3 and force Trump to back down?

Seems the logical approach. Obviously they will be in a far stronger position on January 3rd. However, they will have to start the process from the beginning, since all pending legislation automatically dies with the expiration of the old Congress.

Thank you for the update, Safiel.

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It wouldn’t make sense for the democrats to make a deal prior to 3 Jan.

When Donald decides he wants to get out of DC and play golf, he’ll sign whatever they put in front of him and it won’t have funding for his wall. And he definitely doesn’t want to miss the NYE Gala at Mar-a-Lago.

Dec. 28th will be the date of his capitulation.

It would make sense IF they get offered an acceptable deal.

As @lulubee said, Trump’s going to be looking for any excuse to get out of DC, so he may be willing to sign just about anything.

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Man, a Christmas shutdown. This is spectacular. What a wonderful idea.

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Just what trump wanted. A shutdown he can call his own.

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I said Pelosi clearly successfully manipulated him into taking responsibility on camera like a tard.

The New York Daily News front page.


They should just stay home until the Third of January.

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Who wouldn’t mind getting “clean beautiful coal” in their stockings for Christmas?

So we can call it the Dem’s shutdwon then :smiley:

Nope this is on Trump. He said so himself… are you calling Trump a liar?

No, it’s a fat trump shutdown. Because fat trump is the only person who can actually shut down the government. The elected dems are too spineless to do such. Can you imagine them shutting down the government for some type of belief in something?

Nancy Pelosi is a liar for telling Trump he didn’t have the votes in Congress.

What bill did he Veto?

January 3rd the House will pass a clean CR. Even though the Senate unanimously passed a clean CR too- the GOP willl likely not vote for it- knowing it would cause their leader- Trump- to have to veto it publicly.

So unless they come to some sort of deal I can’t imagine how this ends in a way that Trump saves face and still shores up his base.

Gonna be interesting.