Senate Dems and SCOTUS Justices

A Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Twitter poll asking what type of Supreme Court justices social media users would like to have on the bench apparently backfired when 71 percent of respondents selected “justices like Brett Kavanaugh” compared to just 29 percent who chose “justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

The poll, which is not scientific and open to anyone with a Twitter account, was posted on May 3 and stated it had two more days before it closed.

However, by Sunday afternoon, the tweet had vanished.

Not scientific.

This is interesting. I doubt these were the results they were expecting, hence taking it down.

Maybe we aren’t all crazy after all.

Interesting, they didn’t like the results and tweet vanished.

And over 46 thousand voted.

Thing is…I’m still hesitant with Kavanaugh.

Gorsuch on other hand seems to be perfect fit.

Kavanaugh is being controlled by Roberts and is afraid the locos in the House will impeach him. He was not a good pick. Trump screwed up.

And the poll was open to all tweeters.

The interesting thing to me is they took it down.

I guess this means that most voters don’t think that trying to
charge a man with something criminal without due process isn’t ok.

Which means that most people don’t agree with how Democrat Politicians are doing their jobs.

By the way, I told ya’ll on here that Democrat Politicians colluded with Russia.
Now Conservatives, the Conservative Media, and Trumps team are going to expose the truth about it more and more, over time.

is carpe a bot or just doing that weird non-signature signature thing where they say the same thing at the end of every post? Is it copy and pasted? Do they type it every single time? That would be dedication at least.

But back to the thread at hand…it was a Twitter poll what’s there to take away from it?

No, that guess would be wrong.

I am told that social media bans conservatives and that they abridge speech. Censorship! Tyranny! Regulate Twitter!

Can we get a timeframe on this delusion so we can hold you to it. Or is it just some open-ended delusion.

Derp! Derp! Hur! Hur!

The poll results could only be the result of Russian bots.

You got something on the topic or you just going to flirt with carpe?

I answer the posts as I find them.

It would be interesting to see the results of a more statistically valid poll asking the same question. Probably a large number of the responses would be “Who?”

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Poll got the 4chan treatment. I’d post the link to 4chan but don’t want to get banned. Easy enough to google if you’re interested.

Come on now, a freaking twitter poll, with no control group, and no sampling based on demographics. There is absolutely zero conclusions that can be made from this sort of thing. One could however make a suggestion which is that someone posted an annoymous poll, then shared the link with various groups, websites, etc of people who think just like them and told them to go and vote.

Its sort of the same way online petitions work.

No it’s a legit…twitter…poll.

It’s the results of smelling cow farts.

Polls are sciency.

Internet poll are very Scientific.

Taylor swift once ran a poll on where she should have a charity concert.

a school for the deaf won.