Senate Banking Committee Chair; "US should consider a ban on Cryptocurrenices."

Oh my.
The word-splicers at bitcoin are gonna be working overtime
trying to 'splain than bitcoin is a “currency” but
not a “cryptocurrency.”

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If Congress enacts a 100% ban on cryptocurrency, can’t say that I would object in the slightest.

If they don’t, I won’t object either.

But I will not be involved in it myself going forward.

Just too much of a ■■■■ show. More trouble than it is worth.

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Well, they can (easily) prohibit using it as currency.

Personally I don’t see a reason to outlaw it, just don’t regulate it.
Let it burn.

“Regulating crypto” is a scheme to legitimize it.
It’s blatant attempt to make it appear safe to draw new money into crypto
It’s a stunt so that today’s crypto bag-holders can maybe make some of their money back.

I agree with this statement.