SEN. WARREN: Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Process ‘Isn’t Over Yet’ | Sean Hannity

Sen. Elizabeth Warren weighed-in on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing Friday afternoon; saying the process “isn’t over yet” and accused the potential Supreme Court Justice of “hiding something.”

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From her rant, it is clear that Sen. Warren would oppose Jesus Christ himself if he was nominated by President Trump. She claims that the Judge is " hiding something" and she will oppose him to the end. Senator Warren, why don’t you starting telling us all of YOUR secrets? Why don’t you start by using one of those DNA kits that people have been sending you? My great grandmother always told me I was part Cherokee and I always believed her. Maybe we’ll find out that you and I are really distant cousins.

KLRS Like trump said the other day, I think it was Wednesday, that they wouldn’t confirm Washington today…

Donald Trump could nominate Jesus Christ for the Supreme Court, and the Democrats would vote him down because he isn’t a woman, or something.

In my younger days I never would have thought we would see so much hate and lies. I believe they would crucify Jesus Christ if they had the chance. This is definitely spiritual warfare.

I bet Democrats would even reject Merrick Garland if Donald Trump nominated him.

The Dems have already said, in front of God, the news crews and everybody, that when they win in November they will not allow ANY Trump Supreme Court nominees to be seated. They are willing to hold any and all Supreme Court vacancies open until there is another Democrat in the White House.