SEN. HIRONO: FBI’s Kavanaugh Probe is ‘Not What We Were Expecting’ | Sean Hannity

Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono harshly criticized the FBI’s ongoing investigation into Judge Brett Kavanaugh over the weekend, saying the current probe “is not the kind of investigation that all of us are expecting.”

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Well, if it’s not going in their favor …they will reject it .
I hope they will eat it .
They were hoping for a long investigation , investigation of what ?
We already know the outcome .

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Senator Hirono is just another deep state hack. The only result she or any of the Dems will accept is that Kavanaugh was a serial rapist. It is sad where the Democratic Party is trying to take America! If the Senators are ok with the crazy accusations and testimony then they are crazy. I am a Citizen, Patriot, a Veteran and I pay taxes but I am growing tired because nothing is ever done. Why is it that these crazy allegations are being investigated but the mountains of proof of wrong doing regarding Clinton, DOJ, Comey, Booker, Feinstein, FISA warrants, Rosenstein, Huma, Obama, Brennen, Clapper and others goes unpunished? If any other American did these things they would be in jail by now but no we are spending massive tax dollars on “Russian Collusion” and Sleeze allegations orchestrated by the Democratic Party and left wing media. The media should ask the following of their guests and demand a yes or no answer. 1. Are the tax cuts working 2. Is the economy great. 3. Is America greater now and stronger on the world stage. In addition I wish somebody would detail what happens during an FBI background check. Point by point. What is going to be different now? I am sure that in Kavanaughs previous 6 that his high school and College acquaintances were probed. The FBI should be pissed because the Dems are implying that the FBI didn’t do their job in the Previous Six. Also why weren’t the following questions asked during Dr. Fords polygraph test. 1.Are you 100 percent sure it was Brett Kavanaugh 2. Where. 3. When. 4. How did you get there 5. Who was in the room. 5. Why mid 80’s and now 1982. These were all scripted by her Attorneys so they could say she passed. Will she take another polygraph given by the FBI agents investigating this right now? If no it’s because of what I said above. This is a travesty! I am beginning to wonder why 8 fought for these sleeze bags? Feinstein, Booker, Harris and Fords Attorneys should also be part of the investigation if we really want the truth and not just DELAY.

“sen” hirono needs to shut the hell up and go away, disgusting person up to no good with the taxpayer money. ( isn’t this what she told others to do?) This woman needs to be censored for her comments along with the other traitors to what the American People have voted for… VOTE HER OUT! VOTE HER OUT!

I’m sure that the good people of Hawaii are very proud of the way Sen. Hirono is representing them to the rest of the world. I bet Dan Inouye would have been so proud of her and her great grasp of the law, the Constitution, and her duty to the people. Oh, and wasn’t she the one who got in front of the cameras and said that the Democrats would make sure that NO new Trump Supreme Court judges would be approved once they take over in November?

That’s because they were expecting it to last longer.

She is dispicable. Glad I don’t live In Hawaii and glad she doesn’t represent me!