SEN. HIRONO: Dems Can’t Connect with Voters Because ‘We Know So Much’ and ‘How Smart We Are’

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Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono explained her party’s difficulties with connecting to American voters this week; saying left-leaning lawmakers can’t reach people’s hearts and minds because “we know so much” and “how smart we are.”

“One of the things that we as Democrats have a really hard time, is connecting to people’s hearts instead of up here,” said Sen. Hirono, pointing towards her head.

“We need to speak to the heart, not in a manipulative way, not in a way that plays on people’s fears and resentment… We have a hard time doing that, one of the reasons is that the Democrats know so much, which is true. We have to tell everybody how smart we are,” she added.

She sounds like a garden-variety statist to me. When you use emotion rather than logic, you have lost the argument. So in a way she admits to being unable to defend her leftist positions. Her leftist predecessors would be proud of Hirona.


Yeah like telling men to sit down and shut up…brilliant.