Selective Service tweet regarding FEMA stirs up the conspiracy loonies

The tweet in question from the official Selective Service Twitter account.

Perhaps, ill-timed.


Did not take long at all for all the conspiracy loonies to have their panties in a bunch. :smile:

The draft is NOT returning.

Not now.

Not tomorrow.

Not ever.

But just like a heroin addict needs his next fix of heroin.

Conspiracy theory addicts need their next conspiracy.



I’m sure this was a random autotweet of some kind - but I like to think it was some 16-year old intern with an urge to instigate.

Could have been chain jerking. :smile:

More likely it was some low level employee who failed to realize that the use of the acronym FEMA in any context sets certain mentally unstable people off. :smile:

Then get rid of the registration.


What happens in the draft if you identify as a woman?


Supposedly they would be drafting women too.


They all are supposed to use the same latrine. Just don’t forget to put the seat down when finished.


What is a woman?


What do I look like, a biologist?


I don’t see the problem with the message in the tweet.

If we need a draft, it means the crap is hitting the fan. Therefore there will be a lot of need for manpower on the home front as well. Those who don’t want to pull a trigger over there can dig out survivors from bombed out rubble here at home. Save a life instead of taking one in defense of the nation.

Am I missing something?

I agree.

And abolition of registration would allow us to abolish the associated bureaucracy, Selective Service, saving us a bit of money.

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they assign you to a MASH unit…

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Nah, that’s pretty much the gist of it. The molehill a mountain no more.