Seems like words been getting out...that totalitarianism

Is on the rise in this country…and it’s coming from not liberals but libs/democrats.

The Left’s control of almost all the major outlets for opinion in this country — major newspapers and magazines, television, Hollywood, social media, and university faculties among others — is a familiar phenomenon. But in the past, popular support for the constitutional guarantee of free expression under the First Amendment—even among Liberals-- was always a protection for the dissemination of conservative and other alternative ideas.

Now, however, a new group of progressives is moving into positions of power in all these news and cultural outlets, and they do not appear to acknowledge the rights of conservatives — or even Liberals – to hold and express views that dissent from the progressive catechism. Instead, they are turning the media and other cultural institutions they control away from approval of free expression and focusing them in an unprecedented and dangerous new direction.

Talk about being wahy ahead of the curve. I’m glad that others are starting to catch on…but again this is something I knew was coming for last 2 maybe 3 decades when I’ve seen the early signs f this shift.

The impulse of authoritarians is a direct threat to freedoms and yes our civil liberties, from freedom of expression to our own personal lifestyle choices. It is that reason why they want total control over our healthcare. Once that’s in hands of left-wing authoritarians then they can control what we can or cannot eat.

I’m glad that media world and talking heads catching up but still lagging behind the times.

Yes this is opinion piece.


Trump has absolute authority over the states. Don’t test him.

Excellent article, thanks for digging it up.

I’d be hard pressed to find much to argue about with the author.

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Libs control the majority of communicating pathways and as I’ve stated, have evolved into sheople troughs, feeding their sheople who then regurgibleet the narrative being fed. We’ve seen it for a number of years now. How long did the sheople regurgibleet “Russian collusion”? Everyday it’s a new narrative being fed, libs light their hair on fire and start a daily thread to regurgibleet about it. This is happening over and over and over and over and has become the new normal. What I truly fail to understand, is why people that come across as extremely intelligent, allow themselves to be used in this way? You would think that after so many headlines that the sheople were fed, turn out to be false, that they’d see this reoccurring pattern?

What happened at the times is dcsry. It happened before a year or two back but people already forgot.

These people are in some ways totalitarian. The pendulum has swung a little too harshly and some of them are representative of the worst kinds exemplified by the religious right. That being said history of movements like the religious right shows us that they are pandered to but rarely get their way.

while familiar with deciphering typos, I cant get that one .

Scary. Left hand one key to the right of where it should be.

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We’re veering towards “tOtAliTaRiAnIsM” because media outlets and higher education lean left??? :face_with_monocle:

I thought you guys were all about the free market… “Let the free market decide”-- remember??? What changed? :sweat_smile:

We passed the tipping point.

Shame that conservatives can’t seem to invent social media platforms or raise enough money to start and buy media companies or get jobs at them. Free market sure does suck.

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You’re not going to find many conservatives sitting in a cubical. No offense.

But yes I wish there was conservative platforms. But again I wish we didn’t need a left or right platforms. I wish people could respect differences of opinions and ideas.

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That’s exactly what we have right now.

Millions of conservatives frequent all social media platforms.

The thought that they are singled out is a conservative conspiracy theory


Right…sorry no one believe that BS.

My parents are very conservative, both had office jobs my entire life. As did my wife’s parents. What do you think most cons live in a log cabin in the wilderness that they built themselves and carve their own money out of squirrel bones?

What a weird comment.


Yes and a barber chair for that life or death haircut.


I guess someone missed you’re not going to find many Conservative sitting in cubical.

I didn’t say they don’t exist. You’re just not going to find many of em.

Ok, that was funny.

Ridiculous and untrue.

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Yeah OK.

You actually believe conservatives are singled out on social media? Where did you find out about it? On Twitter :rofl:?