SEE YA: USA to Announce Its Decision to WITHDRAW from UN Council | Sean Hannity

The Trump administration is poised to announce Tuesday its decision to withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council; citing blatant anti-Israeli bias following months of escalating violence with Hamas in Gaza.

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The United States decision to withdraw from UN Council on Human Rights is a decision long overdue since the Councils long standing policy is one of ostracizing and isolating Israel, one of our closest and most trusted allies.

America can no longer sit by and idly allow UN policy to dictate global policy against Israel along with it’s overwhelming bias policies against the United States.

In my opinion the United States should go one step further and withdraw totally from the UN and permanently expel its members from the United States.

The UN is a corrupt body, and globalism wont work, maybe in the future when mankind is more united and less bellicose, but not now.

The United Nations has been transformed into a money laundering operation by international actors. Close friendships have been formed between criminal minds and murderous dictators, all for the purpose of getting access to “aid” dollars, much of which comes from the US. Question is - are our “diplomats” willing co-conspirators.
My take. This is one of the best examples of how corruption has gone from being a by-product of governance to being the primary objective.
Thank You to the Clintons for so blatantly setting this new precedent.

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Sorry my friend, the UN is the international arm of the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Bush’s, DNC and left wing insurrectionist.

At one time “Conspiracy Theories” were exclusive utterings of the chain store tabloids, however now with the mainstream media constantly spewing fake news or blacking out relevant news that is in opposition to the DNC narrative, having openly unpatriotic politicians in Congress, a communist sympathizer setting in the US Senate, a minority speaker accumulating wealth in the hundreds of millions on a government salary, members of the Legislature committing criminal sexual acts against women and having the US TAXPAYERS pay the victims for their silence.

WOW!!! Not even the tabloids could have envisioned the corruptionist mentality of the “Clinton Cartel”, “Obama Gate”, “Bill & Loretta Airport plot”, “The Clinton Email Scandal”, “Benghazi”, “Obama’s Plane Load of Cash to Iran”, “Comey” and there never ending band of entrenched insurrectionist undermining our government, and our great society.

America was at the precibus, with a disloyal DNC tireously digging the footing from beneath our Nation; then came a brash outspoken candidate that spoke to the people, not at the people, President Donald J Trump has forever changed the US political landscape, and we as a Nation are the better for his guidance.

The UN is a mini version of the Clinton Foundation, and time to leave.