Securing the oil

Who knew that there was so much oil productions in NW Syria… For those unaware, there are no significant oil reserves in the area where Turkey is conducting operations…

He’s just so mindlessly stupid.

I’m glad he figured out the name of his current “acting”.

I can watch the news and see how nothing is going nicely in that region.

He is not ending anything. All troops are just being moved around.

Effortless liar.

Frankly I pity anyone who believes his garbage.


Although he has now edited his tweet, the troops are coming home… to Iraq…
Here is the original tweet…


Stupid auto correct! :laughing:

But he knows that his words will be parroted by AM radio and eventually the Loyalists.


There’s virtually no oil in Syria?

Not where Turkey wants to establish a buffer zone.

Wait does he think the war on ISIS was about oil

And thanks to the President for handling the crisis in Turkey/Syria without our getting involved in another dirty war.
Say, Pelosi and her buds are headed off to the middle east. Maybe they can stand in for those 50 American soldiers she and Schiff wanted to place between the Turks and Kurds. If they are convinced that the presence of 50 US soldiers would stop the Turks, think how much more so the presence of a bunch of Dem Congressmen would stop the Turks.

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I agree, thank you Mr. President for securing the oil and bringing our troops home. Promises made, promises kept.

Its almost like a President who was really concerned with making the middle east less important would be all about pushing renewable sources of power generation, gen4 nuclear plants and the next technologies of energy storage

It’s a sandy place in the Middle East, that’s as far as his knowledge goes.

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It has been pressure from America coupled with troop presence that has stopped Turkey from this for nearly two decades. Like it or not this is on Trump, and if it results in a re-establishment of the caliphate he will have much blood on his hands and history will not be kind to him.


Thank you President Trump for fixing the mess you created.

The other alternative is that this would have gone down just as it had except for American casualties, in which case the same people lambasting him for removing them would now be lambasting him for sacrificing them for nothing…unless we responded and got into a war with Turkey for nothing.

You absolutely don’t know what would have happened. You just go with the scenario that possibly could make Trump look bad.

What we do know is Trump and Tinpot dictator of Turkey had a phone call, and two day later Turkey invaded Syria.

but keep telling me how Trump is a strong leader.

Do you honestly believe that Erdogan would have given the order to attack, if American troops were still in the way?

If that had happened, the entire world would have blamed Erdogan, not Trump.

Have you considered the possibility that the phone called alerted Trump that there was likely to be an incursion by Turkey and he didn’t want 50 Americans to be killed for nothing?

Of course not.

So…you blame Trump, not Erdogan, for the invasion by Turkey. Interesting.