Sec of Defense: Turkey appears to be committing war crimes

This was 100% avoidable none of this had to happen.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Sunday that Turkey “appears to be” committing war crimes in its incursion into northern Syria.

“It appears to be,” Esper agreed on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday when host Margaret Brennan described some of Turkey’s actions against Kurdish forces as war crimes, including footage appearing to show the summary execution of Kurdish captives.

“It’s a very terrible situation over there, a situation caused by the Turks. Despite our opposition, they decided to make this incursion,” Esper said

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And Trump is complicit in said war crimes. There was every indication this would happen when we chose to abandon our allies. As always though, Trump will side with the strongman who can personally benefit him in some way.


This has happened 100% because of President Trump.


Meh…just more soldiers getting railroaded right?

Trump has blood on his hands. Shame on you, Trump.

he has no shame, never has and never will

her blood on trumps hand. no if and or buts about it.

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They were gonna do it anyways is one of the stupidest, weak, and pathetic arguments over ever seen.


Time for congress to declare war on Turkey…


This was all so preventable. Was being prevented in fact.

The same and disgrace this brings upon us will last for decades.


The consequences of Trump wingin’ foreign policy.

Zero time for our forces or allies to prepare because of Trump’s whimsy.

Putin and Edrogan sipping champagne

Nah,… its okay.

We will have to put a bunch of troops back in there in a couple of years because of this.

So yay?


The Kurds were holding 12,000 ISIS fighters, some of whom have already escaped. Not good at all. No telling what the repercussions might be.

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Guarantee you Republicans will be calling for that once a Democrat is in the White House. After all, who has time for progressive policies when we constantly need to spend all of our time cleaning up the messes they leave us?

If Democrats hadn’t chosen such a weak candidate, like Hillary Clinton, in 2016 then none of this would be happening right now.


don’t worry the WH told us they can’t get in to America because of the ocean.

They probably won’t come here, but that doesn’t mean they won’t kill our troops over there.

When does the President’s great an unmatched wisdom kick in and he retaliates economically against Turkey?

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