Seattle Police Chief Resigns

The Police Chief of Seattle Carmin Best resigned. She worked her way up from a patrol woman to the Chief of Police. Trump should reach out to her and try to get her on his team. She could really reach out to the country and try to bring healing.

Can anyone blame her? Here is a woman of color, who rose in our society to enforce the law, in a non-racial, non-biased methodology…and rose to the top of her profession…and those who falsely claim to stand up for these things…did not have her back. The left has truly abandoned what they falsely pretend…and that’s virtue.

Right. The city has declared her department to be the enemy. Cutting their funding, laying off officers and cutting her pay. This city council is seriously demented.

Who will libs blame? Who will Seattle vote for in November? It could be we are seeing the genesis of a thousand books from a thousand Democrat politicisms entitled "WHAT HAPPENED "

Make no mistakes, she a left-wing…it’s why she was promoted through the ranks as she did. But even being brought up through their system, the system that they demanded wasn’t enough.

That’s how bad libs have gotten.

She will vote for Biden, so don’t feel sorry for her.


The entire Police Department should resign. Police are in short supply across the nation. They would have no problem finding a community that would jump at the chance to hire them if they are willing to relocate to somewhere less liberal.

Same goes for Portland police …

Right on all counts, particularly the next to last sentence.

Can’t blame her. If she ran for mayor or council in my district, I’d vote for her

Not that it matters but out of curiosity, when did she state who’ll she’ll vote for in the presidential election ?

You don’t get promoted in Seattle unless you’re firmly in corner of particular political persuasion. And that’s a fact.

Good Gawds. Bring healing? Healing for what?

What is she, a social worker now?

I agree 100%

I’m not buying that since PD guild president goes on Fox all the time, don’t think he’s a liberal

Police Union Presidents are not appointed by the Mayor.

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Be that as it may, it’s a promotion - in Seattle. i don’t see any evidence that political persuasion played a role on Best’s appointment. And if she were a liberal, she probably wouldn’t have fought the city council this fiercely on defunding.

Neither the Mayor nor the Council have any say in who runs the Police Union.

And if defunding police is the metric to define who is a liberal, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Mayor Durkin is most assuredly a liberal … as is the rest of the Seattle municipal government. The ONLY reason that she fought the Council on defunding the police is that she got a rude awakening when ANTIFA/BLM rioters showed up at her home.

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Chief Best was against the defunding before anyone came to her house in Lynnwood (which they did eventually). She may of course vote for Biden, like conan suggested, but we’ve seen no proof.

You don’t get promoted unless you spew left-wing propaganda in Seattle. Guild is union and it has nothing to do with Seattle mayors/political scene.


Didn’t she get a pay cut, also?

The police chief’s retirement follows the City Council proposing deep cuts to her pay and the compensation for 12 members of her command staff.

President Trump likes Chief Best, as does Bill Barr. It’s kinda likely that she likes them back :sweat_smile: