Seattle KVI moving Sean Hannity to a new timeslot

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Here’s the scoop: Seattle KVI is moving Sean Hannity from 3 to 6 to 6 to 9 PM starting on Monday, June 4th.
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Is the 6-9 slot considered less desirable than then 3-6?

IMHO, It’s actually a better time slot because I get off work at 3:30 and get into traffic for the second hour. I always miss the first hour.

Many people I know don’t start work as early as I do (7:00 am), so they may be missing two hours or the entire program…


That new times slot means I won’t be listening to Hannity anymore.

3-6 is drive home time, very desirable. 6-9 people are home, not listening to radio as much.

That’s the station you get him on?

That was my impression as well, but I was willing to allow for something being different in Seattle. :wink:

Where I live, Hannity’s radio show airs from 1-4. I will listen to half of the second hour, depending when I get off work, during the ride home. If they switch him to an evening slot here, that would be the end of it for me.

I wonder who Kirby Wilbur bribed to steal Hannity’s slot.

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Hannity needs to be on 770 and replace Michael Medved.

Yes. Was three hour delay but that was OK…in my shop most of the time.

And that was my other question - who the hell is Kirby Wilbur?

Okay, I just googled him. Radio personality local to Seattle. That helps explain the move a little.

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I dunno about that. Medved has a pretty good show too. Having them back to back would be a winner but I think they are owned by different networks.

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Yes, here we get the first hour of hannity’s show at 2:00, then a local conservatalker gets the prime 3-6 drive time, then the last 2 hours of Hannity after that. I rarely listen to him at that time of day, done with radio by then.

He is on at 2 till 5 here.

Kirby Wilbur is a local “conservatalker”. He’s been around since the station went all conservative in 1995.

The Markley & Van Camp guys are new. One guy is 20 years older than the other. It makes for a little age diversity.