Seattle Hires Convicted Felon

Who pimped out underaged girls to be their “Street Czar”

The New York Post reported that Taylor first found notoriety in Las Vegas, where he was sentenced in 2000 to more than five years in prison, serving little more than a year. Some of the girls he pimped for were underage. Taylor said in a YouTube video:

“I was born from the streets. I come out of the deep darkness.”

He then bragged about how he had children with some of the women who were there with him when he was a pimp. In the video he said:

“We decided we were going to be this subculture, like the Mafia, whether you liked it or not. We knew you considered us the waste of the world from the beginning. We didn’t care what you thought about us, just like I don’t care what you think about me now.”

What the ■■■■ is wrong with these people?

It’s wrong to hire convicted felons who served their time?

This dude’s dad was a pimp, and his mom was a prostitute.

Good on him for eventually making life changes.

The “summer of love” never ends in Seattle. If this is what the citizens of Seattle want, who they vote for, what they think and how they choose to approach life…it’s a free country. It’s your bed and you have to lie in it. IMO though…Seattle is continuing down a bad path, that’s taking a vibrant city and evolving it in the same wrong direction as San Francisco.

Once a crook always a crook.

No chance of reform…once they’ve paid their time they must continue to pay.

Meanwhile back in Cuomo’s land of fairy tales, rainbows and unicorns:
More NY insanity.

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Any of them convicted of murdering law enforcement officers?

I was talking on general…Was the felon in the OP convicted of murdering a cop?

Well, speaking generally, the link is provided.

This thread is about Seattle’s hiring of an ex felon to a position of “street czar.”

What are your thoughts on the government hiring an ex-felon for this role?

The FBI hired Frank Abagnale, Jr (Catch me if you can). to fight check fraud…Who knows how to help catch/ stop other criminals better than an ex criminal that used to do the same thing?

This is what happens when you blame the police and not the Elected Politicians who created the police!

What is the “this” that happens?

Read the op.

Pimping underaged girls? He should never have gotten out of prison in my book, should be a mandatory life sentence for that one. But here we see liberals, who profess to hate slavery with a passion giving him a pass back into polite society.


Like I said.

False sense of moral superiority.

Uh huh, you got me, I do feel morally superior to a child pimp.


Why should taxpayers have to pay millions of dollars to incarcerate someone (born to a pimp and a prostitute) who has turned his life around?

That’s the opposite of both fiscal responsibility and Christian principles.

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