Search warrant issued for intelligence committee chair burr

they seized his cell phone in the investigation of insider trading that occurred when he told a ton of stock the day after a briefing on covid 19
his brother in law sold a ton that same day

they also may have access to his online account which provided the evidence to seize his phone

Good, as long as they had a valid warrant. Did the FBI send a SWAT team to his house to get it?

the brother in law thing is what they’re looking at. congress is pretty much exempted from insider trading laws.

Which is ridiculous…

Agreed. Insider trading is why they all leave office filthy rich.


how would it be enforced? every member of congress votes on every bill (ideally). the only way they could avoid insider trading is by not owning stock. should they give up their right to property when they are elected? yes, it sucks, yes, they enrich themselves… but how can that be avoided?

Everything goes into a blind trust, and their investments are managed without their knowledge.


At 1 am?


so you would infringe on their right to property. granted, they would know that in advance, but it hardly seems right that a public servant should be afforded fewer rights than those they serve. I’m not opposed, i just recognize it as the infringement it would be.

Should any president be allowed to trade? No this isn’t a shot at Trump…

i am a firm believer we should return to the original standard. there is no reason a person should have to relinquish their rights to protect yours.

With Weapons of War

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Who is the victim?

and have CNN there to film it.

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And analysis

They will never go for that. Just like they will never go for term limits.

I would also make it that if their net worth is more than 10 million dollars, they forfeit their government pension. Why should we be forced to fund what they don’t need?

burr just stepped down as intelligence committee chair

Could be all of us…if a POTUS acts with his finances in mind first rather than the countries…

Look at it this way…some jobs you know going in there are certain sacrifices you have to make…Teachers have morals clauses, my place we were told even if Marijuana becomes legal in Ny, we can’t do it etc. …If its made law that congressmen can’t trade etc, they’ll know that going in.

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elected officials should not qualify for pensions at all.