Sean Joins DeSantis, Gaetz in Florida

Originally published at: Sean Joins DeSantis, Gaetz in Florida | Sean Hannity

On Monday, July 2, Florida Congressmen Ron DeSantis and Matt Gaetz will be joined by Sean Hannity for three events in Fort Myers, Tampa, and Pensacola.

All three stops will be made on the same day.

DeSantis is running for governor and Gaetz is running for reelection in Congress.

DeSantis’s team called it a “statewide tour” in their email announcement.

Tickets to the events will be free and can be obtained here:

Pensacola Event, Hosted by Matt Gaetz


Fort Myers

For more info visit Ron DeSantis Facebook page.

Smells like DESPERATION.

Gaetz seems to be one of those Trumpists that believes the law is for the little people.

I hope the people of his district kick his ass to the curb.