Sean Hannity... please read!!

Hi Sean!!

I’ve been watching you for years and absolutely love you!! I am a very conservative Hispanic (Puerto Rican) female, US Navy veteran and also spend 16 years in Law Enforcement as a Police Dispatcher. Over a year ago I married an amazing man, who also happens to be a Dallas Police Officer. Since we got married, I have been able to go back to school full-time to finish my degree.

This week as we transition to classes online, my history professor gave us a required reading assignment which was quite interesting and relative to what is going on right now in the country, especially with Congress. You may be familiar with this read and if so maybe you didn’t remember it, but I think this would be great for you to bring up. It’s by Mr. Claude Carson Smith and titled “The Dictatorship of Franklin D Roosevelt.” How he describes the ineffectiveness of Congress and what we need in a President is spot on!!

I’d be very interested in what you think after you read this, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you in advance, and keep doing what you do!!


Angie Smith