Sean Hannity interviewing Presiden Trump before MAGA rally in Vegas

The link to the live rally is here:

Not sure if interview will be on this live stream. better viewing of interview might be on Fox News

Incoming kitten attack!


So people with values or common sense.


Sean holding show from Vegas auditorium on Fox at moment then interviews the president.

Will he give him a foot massage before the interview?


Should be a hard hitting interview…lol.


At Mandalay Bay?

Sean Hannity, Judge Janine and Greg Jarret at the Rally in Vegas, the Presidents plane is landing.

Sean on FOX. Rally on live stream above and on FOX.

I always wondered how a cult of personality formed.


Campaigner in Chief at it again eh?

So the guy our president takes direction from will be interviewing our president.



I don’t think anyone cares about Trump’s personality.

In fact, no one gives a hill on beans about his “personality.”

We’re just Americans. So is Trump.

Watch Hannity and the rally. Stop siding with snoflake, zombies.


I bet Sean will be peppering Trump with tough, piercing questions, as always.

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Imploring people to watch what will more than likely be the incoherent ramblings of the President in front of an audience is kinda cult like.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


I mean if anyone here breathlessly came here and said that the President was going to be on TV before 2017 and we all should watch that person would be seen as a weirdo

Maybe it is because I am old enough to remember that the President being on the TV meant all three channels would be boring and TV for the night was ruined.

I prefer presidents that don’t have the personality of a toddler - particularly when they are old enough to be my dad or grandfather.

But that’s just me…


So, Mr. Presient, given that you, and others call the Mueller Probe a “Witch Hunt”, and I have to tell you, I agree, I call it a witch hunt too, because I think it is…so if you, and me, and others call it a witch hunt and it’s been establish by, I’ve asked some of the greatest legal minds in the country, like Jay Sekulow, and Rudy Guiliani…I think you know those names…and they agree, there is no legal basis for this investigation, and so, I guess my question is, when will you fire Rod Rosenstein and end this american travesty?


You mean Client #3 is advising co-conspirator Client #1?


Mr President, why are you so great? Is it because you are awesome or because you rule?


Mr. President, how do you propose to motivate our Senate to legislate when Mexico will send us the check for the wall?

Oh, wait - I think that one is off script - never mind…