Scrolling Down?

How does someone go directly to the bottom of a thread without making a post in it?

There’s a bar on the right side of the thread which you can slide down with your mouse.


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I forgot to add, without using the scroll bar also.
If a thread has hundreds, or thousands of posts in can take awhile to scroll down, and I was just wondering if there was a faster way.

That is the easiest way. It only takes a couple of seconds even if the thread has hundreds/thousands of posts, unless of course, your internet connection is crappy as hell.

I know it’s not my computer, and I don’t think it’s my connection.

Can everyone else out there scroll within seconds out there, on a posts with thousands of posts, from the top to the bottom?

Just tried the “Keep A Word, Replace A Word” thread and it took me 4 seconds to scroll from the top to the bottom.

When I put could everyone else do the same thing in a couple of seconds also. I meant everyone else but you. lol

I am everyone else, no one else matters my brotha. :sunglasses:

Tap the post count icon on your phone or tablet. It will take you to a screen which allows you to type in the number of the post you want to go to.

I’m on a laptop. Where can I find the post count icon located?

I’ve never accessed this forum on a laptop.

actually. I found a way with your help. so Thank you.

Put your mouse just to the right of the scroll bar and click. It will move you to that point in the thread automatically.



Yeah. That’s what I just figured out with armycowboy’s help.
Thank you though.

I guess I do have one other question. I try to specifically reply to just one specific person. So I’ll hit reply within that persons post, and sometimes it will directly reply to them, and other times it reply’s as a generalization. I’m not sure how to make sure that it specifically replies to that one person? Cause I thought that by hitting reply in their post, it was automatically suppose to do that?

It has done it within this thread also. I wonder if anyone else is having this problem?

I’m sorry that you feel that no one else matters besides you. I’ll keep that in mind,
thee next time we chat, or I see you post on here, and want to respond to you.

What browser are you using. If you are using IE put it away forever

Seriously bro, relax. It was a freaking joke.

Owe. I was asking a serious question in the Feedback part section of this website.
That sucks you find Community Feedback a joke. I didn’t want a debate or an argument out of it. I simply wanted to ask a simply question, and receive a simply answer.